More police shootings, more protests


Jayland Walker was a 25 year old black man shot and killed by Akron Ohio police on January 27, 2022. The police department released the video for the public to see. As expected protestors have taken to the street, demanding justice for Jayland.

The protestors say because Jayland was unarmed at the time over 90 shots were fired at him from 8 police officers, the officers need to be punished. Despite the fact Jayland Walker shot at them from his car.

And around and around we go.

Every police shooting is a tragedy. But not every police shooting needs to be turned into a race war.

I agree with the one side that says the United States is an over policed society. Police can't solve every social ill. And they repeatedly get put in positions that they shouldn't be in.

However, police departments, especially in big cities, are multi-racial with many women serving in uniform. The stereo type of all police officers being big, brutal and racist, is a false narrative propagated by the Radical Left.

The police officers who defended the Capital on January 6th are heroes. But every other police officer risking their lives with every traffic stop is a white devil? This is a lie.

The answer to police violence isn't defunding the police. Even the over policed black communities don't want that. They know the kind of chaos that creates. Look at San Francisco and Chicago. What they want are better police officers.

What's wrong with this picture?

Better policing requires more money, not less money. That money needs to be spent on training, and not diversity training. They need elite level combat training that weeds out anyone who can't hack it.

Additionally, academy's in the United States should be at least two years long. There should be high educational requirements. Every officer should have at least a Bachelors degree.

The training should also include consistent contact martial arts classes that focuses on grappling and impact weapons.

The intent of this training is so they can stay calm and make good decisions when the shooting starts. This is the only thing that will prevent the wrong people from getting shot.

The real crime is when a police officer gets inadequate training that doesn't prepare them for real world violence.


whoa, i grew up in ohio.

over 60 rounds.. oh my.

yes, more training is needed.