Crypto 101 - CTT tell us what an ICO is? do you know?

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We were asked to do some musical jingles for the CTT podcast by @theycallmedan and @starkerz who gave us a long list of things they wanted. This was really good fun for us, however we soon realised we did not really understand what all the things really meant. So because of this we asked them if we could interview them about what some of the words mean so we could make some short educational videos to help other people explain what they are talking about.


CTT are looking at different projects and trying to educate people about what the projects are! We have been educated about the crypto space just by spending some time with them and we would recommend that you do the same. They look at all sorts of projects and if you have any questions or have something you want them to look at you can always pop into their discord. If you want to see their previous shows then check them out here:

This week we ask them about what is an ICO, we decided it was not an immensely constipated orangutan and that the police were not actually coming to get us this time! However it is really interesting looking at projects seeing if there is an ICO which seems to mean Initial Coin offering. Listen to Dan and Starkers to find out why you should be looking for it to!

All about CTT - Community Token Talk

They do a regular podcast show which can engage with live on twitter every Saturday at 19:00 UTC. This is then uploaded to 3speak so if you miss it you can always catch up with it there.

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Twitter: @3speaktv
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Big up the education and thanks to CTT for trying to educate us patiently!

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