Swingy Moods

Moods Swing and so do we!

Life is not always the same, we are in different moods each day. Some days are happy, some are excited, some are nervous and some are sad. But each day has the same, sometimes even greater than the previous ones, responsibilties which we have to and must fulfill no matter what.

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Our emotional state of mind is defined by the events that surround us during the day.

Our brain is a myriad of feelings that must be felt. As important it is for us to be happy, it is to be irritated and scared and upset. Each feeling is equally important and brings our real self out. Sometimes we don't even know how it would feel to be in some situation and we don't know how something would feel like.

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Not only should we appreciate how we feel differently, but we must also respect and accept other peoples' mood swings as well. It gives us a perspective and helps us understand and know them better.

Life is too small to crib about small issues and problems. We should enjoy each day, every feeling and all moods, that's what completes us and makes our life worth its age.

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