Two Weeks Down...Fifty More To Go #MyHiveGoals

Well, we are two weeks into this young year and aready making progress (hopefully...I guess we'll find out for sure momentarily). Regardless of the amount of tokens I have earned, I have made (a bit) of progress in my reporting. I'm back after only 16 days (instead of 8 months). So let's take a look at the numbers.


I have to start off by saying I have probably not made as much progress as I would have hoped so far this year. Since last week at this time, I have spent almost every waking hour laying back in my recliner. No, I haven't been that lazy. After a seven hour adventure to get a negative Covid diagnosis last Monday, I have been fighting chills, fatigue, sinus drainage, sore throat, and coughing (which aggrivates my asthma making it hard to breath). After experiencing a fairly healthy 2021, this thing has kicked my butt. Needless to say, I have not spent too much time sitting at my computer in my office. I have been able to work a bit on my Chromebook between naps, but not to the extent I would have liked.

So, with that said, let's take a look at the numbers for so far this new year:

HIVE POWER = 5,000 - 2,015.538 [951.210 + 220.563 + 843.765] = 2,984.462 short of my goal (234.462 short for the month)

For the most part, in the past I have been focused on other tokens and just let the HP take care of itself. Due to the lack of posting so far this year, there has not been much progress here. It is still a bit early to start taking corrective measures, but it is obvious I will need to do a better job if I want to keep this catagory increasing steadily throughout the year.

CTP POWER = 50,000 - 16,074.870 [14,274.248 + 1,772.52 + 28.102] = 33,925.130 short of my goal (6,425.130 short for the month)

I took a bit of a step back here when I staked 5,000 CTP in the ListNerds re-launch a few days ago. Even though these tokens are staked, they are no longer on the Hive blockchain, so I am not including them in these counts. I did stake the remainder of the liquid CTP tokens I had at the beginning of the year, so there was a bit of a jump, but not as much as it might have been. I had a bit of a misunderstanding in a recent announcement made in this community in regards to what types of posts can be included there. With this new knowledge, I should be able to add to this total with Family History posts.

LEO POWER = 400 - 157.313 = 242.687 short of my goal (12.687 short for the month)

I have now consolidated all of ly LEO tokens to this account. While I do occassionally earn LEO on my other accounts, I do not post in LeoFianance with any account but this one (as a matter of fact, my #MyHiveGoals posts are the only ones I current post there). It will be interesting to see how this token increases throughout the year and if I will need to boost this total or not.

INDEX = 750 - 355 = 395 short of my goal (5 short for the month)

This is the one token on my list I cannot earn. I will need to add to this total during the year by trading out other tokens I have earned or spend out of my pocket. I has already added a bit to this total, but it will take consistancy.

STARBITS = 1,000,000 - 502,258 [501,051 + 1,207] = 497,742 short of my goal (reached monthly goal)

If you are not aware, Rising Star, has a special mission once you become a STARBITS Millionaire that greatly increases your daily income. This is a priority for me this year. When the value of STARBITS dipped after the first of the year, I bit the bullet and made a hefty investment in this goal. Even though I am now over half way to my goal, I will not let up on building this total. The sooner I get there, the faster I get a big boost in this game.

DEC/day = 500 - 88.315 [85.135 + 3.180] = 411.685 short of my goal (18.685 short for the month)

Even though I have more than one Splinterlands accounts, I have not made a significant income in this game. From what I have read, you can make more from renting cards than you can from playing. Therefore, I will be focusing on that aspect of my game this year. My plan is to win cards I can combine into higher level ones that people will want to rent. I will also invest in better cards that I can use to reach higher levels (in order to win more cards). This may be a slower building process that picks up steam as the year goes on.

Liotes Pts = 300 - 103.5 = 196.5 short of my goal (11.5 short for the month)

While Liotes is not really a game you play, it is a gamified earning community. Points are not actually tokens, but they are earned based on LENM (LEN Miners) owned, HP delegated, and participation. Not only do I earn LEN from my LENM, but they have also created a LEN/LENM diesel pool where I earn LEN based on my liquidity. I am currently adding to this total and once I reach my liquidity goal, I will begin to convert the LEN I earn into more LENM. Also, since I am currently in the top 40, I receive upvote benefits on my posts.

So this is my progress for the first half a month of 2022. Hopefully, I maintain enough focus to continue doing this at least monthly.


Thanks for adding Liotes to your #MyHiveGoals list for 2022! I'm glad that we are there and I hope you will get tons of value from tokens, and from the community in general!
Thanks for the support! Appreciated!



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