Anger according to English dictionary is the strong feeling of displeasure
Anger is a feeling combined with sadness that brings displeasure. Anger arises when someone feels cheated, threatened or disturbed.

A plaintiff can become angry at a defamatory message passed to him, whether the defendant made a slanderous word against the plaintiff or not. Some persons know how to manage and control their anger when angry while some don't get to so, it becomes a problem when not be managed well.
While angry, emotions arises to certain things, some people can control their anger while some can't.

Anger comes as a result of previous issues which have not been resolved

Decisions made during anger usually result in a negative way. It can lead to regret in people's life. Decision making when angry should be avoided.
People make wrong decisions while angry, it is advisable not to make decision when angry

To talk back to those who made you angry is certainly not the best to do because it might come with a vulgar abuse. Walk away from the scene till you are calm, then you can discuss the issue.
Iron out the differences when calm to avoid health issues.

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