Assumption kills, it affect all areas of life


Welcome to this new week, a piece of advice for us "let's learn how to set our priorities right to achieve whatever we have planned"

I was chanced to enter the library today, i took an old newspaper and I was surprised to see the news written. This newspaper happened to be run by a private organization, the news reported was entirely different from what the public organization disseminated to we the public.
A story on how people were been massacred, the private newspaper said 143 people were massacred but the government media only recorded 40 people.

Could it be that the government reporters only assume the numbers or the assumption came from the private organization, the online media gave the same number the private sector gave.

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Aside this particular news, many reporters or people at large assume instead of going for the facts.
Assumption is not always accurate, sometimes helpful but mostly dangerous, when as human you assume, this to be this and not search for the real fact, you tend to loose.

Assuming an apple is green that looks like yellow is different from this apple is in green color.

The increase of fake news is as a result of assumption. Let us all try to gather, test and confirm fact, it goes a long way in one's success.
Assumption they say kills people tend to make mistakes while assuming,

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