COVID19 SHOTS ARE KILLING / HARMING MANY PEOPLE. Extensive Links | Whistleblowers | Data | Legal Cases


The list of evidence and testimonies exposing the danger of the COVID19 experimental shots is huge, yet seemingly many never see any of them due to mass censorship and information control. Several major court cases are ongoing to expose criminality behind the shot rollouts in several countries, many thousands have died as a result of the shots and we need to make others more aware of this if informed consent is going to ever happen. Arguably it is too late for real informed consent (a requirement of the Nuremberg code of medical ethics) to take place for most people but with booster shots seemingly posing an even higher risk for injury and death, it is key that more study this data now.

I have made many articles in recent months on the COVID19 shots, covering many aspects. Many experts from a wide variety of scientific and medical fields have come forwards to tell their side of the story and to give us understandings that are more complete than the mainstream will ever share. Typically, mainstream media sources are either in bed with other large corporations in the medical field due to shared ownerhsip of the companies by large shareholders or are beholdent to them as they are large advertisers. Sometimes people in the media also deny the truth simply because they lack understanding of the history and big picture of the topics involved, become caught up in hysteria and blindly trust the 'experts' they are pointed to without doing due dilligence research.

This is an extremely serious topic of life and death importance and it is not enough to just repeat what governments state as if this is the end of the matter.

I have put together a set of links below that summarises just some of the articles that specifically relate to the experimental COVID19 shots, the injuries/deaths that they have caused, the legal situation, the coverups and other important issues.

If you think you don't have time to read these, then at least please be aware that I wrote all of these and have been researching this topic for 15+ years - so if I can make time, so cam you. Please also share these on to anyone and everyone you know.

Please also see this great video and set of additional links posted by @jasonliberty, here.

Vaccine Injury Data

Does Data From The US Vaccine Injury Database (VAERS ) Show More Chance Of Death From Shots Than From COVID19?

Data Shows Little Correlation Between Vaccination Rates & Reduction in Deaths Due to COVID19.

How Accurate Is the Data For Injury From COVID Vaccines In Government Vaccine Injury Trackers?

COVID19 Deaths Sharply Increase After Vaccination Rollouts. Numerous Nations Show Same Pattern.

Australian Tracker for Deaths Due to COVID19 Shots Shows Likely More Deaths from 'Vaccines' than from COVID19

Adverse Reactions to COVID19 Vaccines & Lockdowns - Evidence You May Not Know

Pathologist, Doctor & Scientist Testimonies

"40% of Autopsied Covid19 Deaths Within 2 Weeks of Vaccination Were Caused BY Vaccine" - Top German Pathologist

"COVID19 Shots Are A Crime Against Humanity" - US Expert in Virology & Immunology.

COVID19: US Lt. Colonel Doctor Whistleblows On Shots In Air Force. Mandates Are Unethical & Dangerous.

WHO/UN Dr. & Medical Researcher: COVID19 Is a Planned Power Grab & Tool Of Global Control

WHO Medicine Advisor Warned UK Gov of COVID Shot Deaths: "COVID-19 vaccines unsafe for use in humans."

Medical Doctor: Covid Vaccines Have Killed More In US Military Than COVID19 Has. Recall The Shots Now.

British Medical Journal: "COVID19 Shots Should Not Be Approved". Safety Testing Inadequate. Science Being Denied


US Doctor: CDC & NIH COVID Response Is Unscientific. The Vaccines Can Increase Transmission of COVID19.

Censored Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology Raises Alarm. Spike Protein Itself is Dangerous to Human Cells. Groupthink Is Putting Us At Risk.

Vaccine Injury & Death Evidence/Testimonies

Woman Seriously Injured By COVID Shot: "Don't Let Yourself Be Bullied. If You Don't Want The Shot, Say NO!"

Warning & Grief After Sister Dies From COVID19 Shot

BBC Presenter Died From AstraZeneca COVID Shot - Autopsy Shows Brain Haemorrhage. Pay Attention.

Nurse Blacks Out On Live TV After receiving COVID 19 Vaccine - CHI Memorial Hospital

Science Cover Ups & Corruption Surrounding Vaccines

COVID19: Dr. Ryan Cole: Science DENIED. Vaccine Deaths Are Being Covered Up. Autopsies Are Not Being Performed.

Med. Whistleblower: "More People Died From Vaccines Than COVID", "Treatment Withheld", "Complete FRAUD"

Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Tech Quotes New Study: "COVID-19 mortality risk correlates inversely with vitamin D3 status". You NEED Vit. D. To Prevent COVID19.

Analysing Dr. Ardis’ Claims: COVID Drug Remdesivir Has Killed Many & Serious Vaccine Side Effects Were Known In Advance

Ex Pfizer Science Chief: COVID19 Shots Are Killing Many People & Deaths Are Being Covered Up

Dr. Virapen, Pharma Insider: Drug Companies Bribe, Lie & Do Harm. They Need To Keep You Sick, Not Healthy.

Conflict Of Interest?! Bill Gates Funds UK Medical Regulator Plus Funds Or Owns Shares In ALL Major COVID Vaccine Makers.

Deeper Dive: Are Vaccines Causing Dangerous Variants of COVID19 & Increasing Mortality? (Follow Up)

"SARS CoV2 Existed In Patents for Decades & Is NOT Novel" - "COVID19 Is An Opportunistic Marketing Campaign": Patent & Bioweapon Expert.

Daily Mail Editor Caught Forcing 'News' to 'Rubbish' Any Science/Info That Exposes Vaccine Injury Or is 'Anti' Vaccination In Any Way.

Efficacy of Alternatives to COVID Vaccines

Study Shows Risk of COVID19 Injury is 27 Times Higher For Vaccinated As Compared To Unvaccinated With Natural Immunity Due To Prior Infection

Just Evil

US Medical Doctor Claims NY Hospitals Are Refusing To Release New Born Babies If Parents Have Not Had COVID Shots!!

Dr. Phan MD on Vaccines: Escaped Communism. Evil Groups Are Brainwashing Doctors Into Denying Science. "Flu Shots Do Harm - I Don't Use Them"

Legal Facts & Actions in Progress Surrounding COVID19 Shots

Extensive German Legal Investigation Into COVID19 Reaches Disturbing Conclusions.

COVID19 Shots May Have Killed 40,000+ Within 72 Hours: Class Action Lawyer For 1st Responders In USA

UK GOV Admits Many Hundreds Have Died From COVID19 Shots During Hearing For 'Vaccine Damage Bill'

Leaked COVID19 Vaccine Contracts Reveal That Pfizer Wields Huge Power Over the Nations It Has Sold Them To!

Doctors Group: UK & AUS Regulators Never Checked Pfizer's (Possibly Fraudulent) COVID19 Vaccine Study Data

Canadian Doctors Organisation On COVID 19 Shots: Informed Consent Has Been Denied & Ethics/Laws Breached

US FDA Stumped By Question: "Swine Flu Vax Was Pulled After 25 Deaths. 1000s Dead From COVID Vax - How Many More?"

COVID19 Vaccinations Blocked For Those With Allergies. Huge Implications For Freedom & Health.

Useful Tools

Use This Oxford Uni Tool To Show Your Risk of Death From COVID19: Mine Is 0.0024%!

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