[LIGHT]| Creating new deck and 6 Packs Opening

Hi Gods, how are you today?!

Today I'm sharing my level-up achievement and packs rewards. As I told you before, I identify with Light God and use it as my main deck. If you have any upgrade tips feel free to comment.

GOD Adam is Back!

I went back to GOD On Chain after a few months of absence due to travel, work, and other adventures that kept me away from gaming.

The return was challenging; In addition to feeling a little rusty, I realized that players are investing heavily in expensive decks that are practically unbeatable for those using a more basic deck.

It was then that I realized that I needed to create a new deck to enter the battle again, turning this into a personal mission.


My mission was clear: build a powerful deck to level up, earn card packs, and share with you opening the packs together as I write this post.

source: GU or site GUDecks.


I was at level 55, with a Starting Rank: Purified Iron.

I started training and faced several losing battles until I adapted to my new deck, which had its peculiarities.

The secret was in patience. With the healing power, I allowed myself to receive the first damage while accumulating +3 Mana to start creating combos between cards.

From that point on, it was just a matter of putting the cards in play, inflating attacks and defenses until clearing the opponent's table and taking control of the game.

This approach yielded exciting battles, where, with less than 10 life points, I managed to reverse the situation and guarantee victory.

Healing Light Deck

And that's how the deck was finished, I copied from a deck I liked and replaced the cards I didn't have with similar ones, taking into account Mana, ATK, DEF.

I think it looks perfect for a deck under $5.

The deck pleased me, but I'm anxious to receive the rewards in the conquered packages, since, in several battles, even though I resisted well, the end was inevitable.

Nova Aquisição:

I went exploring the store looking for something that could enhance this or the next deck, which I'm already working on. Here are some card options.

Which would you choose?

I chose Veteran Cataphract.

What do you think? Given its quality and its Roar, it seemed like a good choice.

Recent Matches

In history It is possible to observe the challenging beginning and the end with several victories. With many turns per game, on average 10, and always against great opponents.

I noticed some glitches and errors that made me lose a few rounds, but gain XP. Being careful not to repeat mistakes, such as attacking before inflating and actually waiting to play some cards, and others, can even be a bad decision depending on who is playing.

Some opponents stole my cards, turned them into 1/1 Rats, and even placed bombs in my deck, making my smile disappear.

But with that, I managed to raise my Level from 55 to 57 and enter the Meteorite Astral Ranking.

A good rise!

With all my victories, I managed to accumulate 6 packs and increase my Rating a little.


Now let's go to the reward part opening all the packs and see which cards we can win. And if you have any tips, I'd love to hear them.

I still had some games pending, but I was already tired and eager to open the packs.

And nothing better than following it with a video:

Packs Opening

What did you think of the rewards, any cards you liked?

see you soon


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Welcome back! A lot has changed in the game, enjoy your return. Have a nice day ahead.