Introduction to Cyber Psychology



Technology has evolved and revolutionized society in all aspects that we can imagine because, there is no aspect of our daily life that is carried out without using it. In view of this we can say that human beings are immersed in cyberpsychology since, it is impossible for us to understand or socialize without having to use some technological resource.

Given this scenario, attitudes have been seen that cause addiction to social networks, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, digital lynching, online pornography, among others. All these scenarios happen because technology is in constant evolution and we are in the midst of this development to consume it.

According to statements that some scientists have given, thanks to technological science in a few years, human beings will have the opportunity to enjoy several technological interfaces that will be available to improve our intellectual and physical capacity.

If we analyze all the technological evolution that has occurred since it came into our lives, we will notice that the changes and challenges we have had when covering our daily needs, we will better understand why we are so dependent on it.

However, the science that has most been responsible for investigating the impact that technology has when developing the life of the human being is, psychology and during studies, they have concluded that the best way to explain what happens is through cyberpsychology.


According to data that have supplied various technological agencies around the world, 78% of the world's population has free and conditioned access to the Internet, using it through a cell phone, tablet or computer. Due to the high percentage of this access, it is evidenced by the impact that technology has in all human beings that we make life in the world since, the arrival of the new millennium.

On the other hand, cyberpsychology is positioned as an element that they study and of course, understand what the behavior of the human being is when relating to technology, artificial intelligence and social networks.

Cyberpsychology states that the above happens because all people are part of an interface that is responsible for modifying our socialization, habits, tastes, learning, among other things.

When the behavior of the human being becomes addiction or dependence, it is necessary to make use of psychological knowledge because of it, technology is no exception. To expand our knowledge, it is important to emphasize that the study of cyberpsychology is not something recent because, its birth was carried out at the time of 90s.