Self discipline: How to build self discipline


How do we overcome all the distractions to accomplish our goals? How do we inculcate self-discipline in us? what will it take to achieve our set goals?

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So some days ago I was talking to us about self discipline and to work on how to surmont distractions and temptations that prevents us from achieving our goals.

Today, we will be looking at some of those things we need to do inorder to build/implement self discipline in us.

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Self control is hard and difficult to implement/inculcate in ourselves; true - it can be uncomfortable and awkward, you will have ups and downs, setbacks, failures and so on but the key is to keep moving forward and you will get to your destination gradually; consistency is the key trust me.

Here are few tips on how to build your self discipline.

    Not just creating a habit but good habits. In order to inculcate self discipline in us we need to create some certain new habits engage your mind, heart and might with clarity through your specific goals; question yourself about what you really want to achieve.
    in a situation where someone eats a lot and gets fat and you want to create the habit of eating very little to watch your weight you have to engage your senses, the mind delivers the drive, the energy and motivation you need to restrain yourself from going beyond limits, so when you want to over eat, your subconscious mind where your habits are stored reminds you of your goal not to over eat because you have questioned yourself about what you really want.

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Keyword: Engage your mind to your set goal, question yourself about what you intend to achieve with the new habit your are creating.

    For one to build self-discipline you have to know what motivates you or rather find a motivation; something that compels you to do a certain thing - one that when you remember it you get inspired or energy refill, something that boost your morale not to give up. That will power that drives you to do something is your motivation. It could be anything within you, around you or with you. Ask yourself, why do I want this particular habit in the first place? If you can answer then you can find your motivation.

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Keyword: search within/around you the things that keep you going, the things that encourages you to forge head be it living or non living things.

I will leave you here with this two tips until my next writeup!

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