Life is filled with different challenges and everyone has a share of it irrespective of class or status but the only difference is that the degree of these challenges varies from one person to another. I'd not be totally wrong to say that life is unfair to some people.

Photo by Ben White from UNSPLASH

There are some people who have been battling with various challenges from the day they were born. Some children were born with disabilities, some were born into a violent home, others have to start working from their tender age due to poverty.

The people in this category are always living each day only to survive. They do not see anything interesting about life and they see life as being a worthless journey which they can not wait to put an end to. They hate their life more when the people around them do not show they love and compassion.

This is because they are prone to be victims of abuse of different types in their environment. They become easily angry, furious, enraged, irritated and provoked. This make them prone to committing crimes in the society because they do not value their life and wouldn't mind losing it or spending the rest of their life in jail.

What is the best step to follow if you are perchance in the category of people who do not see anything good about life due to your past experiences or upbringing. The first thing to note is that you cannot heal by living in self-pity. You need to brush yourself up and embark on the journey of becoming a better version of you.

You should not spend your time hating on people who seems to be fortunate to be living a better life. You are not helping yourself when you are angry with your life. Rather you should focus on the good part of your life, the positive thing could be the fact that you are alive. They say that when there is life there is hope.

You're one step closer to getting solutions to your challenges if you seek professional help. Feel free to visit a therapist, counselor, or medical practitioners to talk about your challenges and how it makes you feel about life. Don't stop at sharing your story with professionals, you also need to make friends with people who are emphatic. You will heal faster with their kind and soothing words as well as their company.

In addition, you should bear in mind that there are some situations that you can't change, so you need to accept it the way it is. Even though you can't change these situations, you can change your perspective about them. You can control how you feel about them. Instead of being sad, try to be happy. It is not easy but if you can do it you will feel better about life.

More importantly, disconnect yourself from everything that makes you feel like a terrible person. Avoid toxic people that will poison your mind and always do things that will make you happy.

Even if life is not fair to you, the least you can do is to be fair to yourself.