On a daily basis everyone of us are faced with the responsibility of making choices and any choice we make, whether it is good or bad it is our sole responsibility. At times it may look as if we've got no option to choose from but it is at that point that we have got to make a huge one because we must definately make a decision..

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I begin to see the awesomeness of humanity the day I started impacting positively in people's life, both strangers and the ones that I have known for a while. You don't have to be in possession of all the riches in the world or command multitude of people before you can impact people's life with the choices you make. In fact, the most valuable gifts you can ever give to someone are usually the ones that does not have monetary value. The kind of life you live on a daily basis should be an example to other people around you.

Think carefully before you make choices everyday of your life. Think about the effect of the choices you make on people around you. Will the choice you make instill fear in people's mind or will it give them confidence? Will your choice teach people that patience is a virtue or will it be otherwise? Will your choice make people have low self-esteem, self-compassion etc, or the other way around? Think about the value that you pass on to people around you with the choices you make.

Take it or leave it, there are people who look up to you for one thing or the other. Sometimes you may be aware and sometimes you may not know, which is the reason we need to always be at our best making the best choices at all times. When the situation calls for patience, you must be patient. If you speak without thinking or act without reasoning and everything gets messy, people would be looking at you and you may have disappointed the person who is looking up to you. Patience is a virtue that you should let people imbibe from your character and way of life.

Let the words you speak be words of encouragement and motivation to people around you. When you tell someone "well done" after they have done something for you they will be motivated to do better the next time. When you tell someone who have done excellently well "You performed well" they will be motivated to perform better. In cases where someone failed, instead of speaking rashly, you can speak in a way that will enable them to see themselves being successful the next time around. Choosing your words right can be your own way of changing the world.

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There are numerous ways that the right choices you make can make the world a better place for everyone. There are people out there who need you, reach out to them and help them in the best way you can. Give out your used clothes to the needy instead of burning them or buy them new ones if you have the financial capability. Assist a child or student that is struggling with a subject that you are good in by teaching them. Even if you don't have money, your time can also be used to add value to people's lives.

The world need you, make a difference to people around you and beyond by making the right decisions.