It is the start of another brand new week, a week that no one have ever experienced before, that is, it is a fresh week that offers equal endless possibilities to each and everyone. The outcome of your week will be based on your input and it is better to start your week on a front foot so that you can achieve all your set targets and even more. However, as you go about your daily activities in this new week do not forget to be open to learning new things.


Photo by Tim Mossholder from UNSPLASH

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Learning is a lifelong process and it is vital to our growth and development in every area of our lives, not just in our academics or career. We should learn every day from things around us, people around us, our field of expertise and even other people's field. Learning is never too much. Most of the time we stop learning once we graduate from school. You'd even hear students play around with words like "Henceforth, all I want to be counting is money and not the pages of books".

We must be ready to learn new productive things on a daily basis. We should not always think that we have known it all. It is overconfidence that kills most people in life. They would be confident in themselves that there are no new things to learn in their area of specialization and often times it is too late before they realize it. In your marriage or relationship or even friendship, you should be open to reading books about relationships, attending seminars and retreats, etc that are organized by successful married men and women who will positively impact your life.

Learning is fueled by active listening, in other words, you must be ready to listen carefully to the good teachings of your parents, teachers, mentors, religious leaders, and so on. Even if they are talking about something you have known before, do not ignore them or call them old-school, there will be at least one thing that will be new in what they are saying. Also, with keen observations of your environment you will be able to learn on a daily basis. Let me share this scenario with you. Sometimes last month, I was heading out from my neighborhood when I saw a notice that says "CALL US FOR YOUR PAINTING & TAOLIN".

“Learning never exhausts the mind.”

― Leonardo da Vinci


Photo by Element5 Digital from UNSPLASH

Okay, I know what painting means but I do not know what Taolin means, so I was trying to think of what it could mean but it was all to no avail. I know it will be similar to painting since it is been done by a painter. It was not up to two days that I went to a store to purchase an item when I met the store under renovation and in their conversations I heard the supervisor say that the Taolin was not applied to his satisfaction. Immediately my mind went to what he was pointing at and that was how I learnt a new word. Taolin is usually done on walls and it has a rough feel.

I'm sure some people who are highly inquisitive can relate to this as well. In actual fact, this is not the first time that I will see a word or something for the first time that I do not know the meaning, then in a couple of days, weeks or months I will see it again and may be forced to learn about it. Learning should not stop in the classroom, it should be anywhere, any time and any day.