The day a man dies is the day he stops learning.



This shows how important learning is to man. It is a vital part of our existence. When we do not learn, we are going to lack knowledge about things. There will be nothing fascinating about life when we stop learning because it is a way of life. However, when we talk about learning there are some people that have the belief that it has to do with someone being being taught in school, at home, in church, in mosque or at any location where their will be a (in)formal tutor or instructor.

This may be a wrong notion about learning. It is not all things that a teacher, parent or friend will teach us because there are some things in life that we may never comprehend no matter the effort that somoene put into teaching us. In fact, they may not even see the need of teaching us about these things, maybe because they feel it's trivial or unimportant. It is only when we make the personal decisions to want to know those things that we learn them on our own. In other words, you need to discover things, develop interests in them and learn them on your own.

Learning is not about being in the four corners of a classroom. No, it is way more than that. There are some cogent principles in life that no one will ever sit you down to teach you. No one is going to teach you how to study, love yourself and others, speak in public, or even how to be positive minded. Okay, they might mention it to you that you must read your book daily after each class or supervise the studying session, but if you don't want to study you won't no matter the supervision. It takes a personal decision to be serious with your studies and this is what you will learn on your own.

Also, no matter how you are being motivated to always stay positive, it may be hard for you if you didn't make the effort to do so. Positivity is something that happens from within and external influence may never have enough impact if the decision is not made from within. It takes a personal learning process to unravel how to think positively in difficult situations. Your parents, teachers, friends, mentor etc may preach positivity to you but it is left to you to figure out how you are going to go about it.


Photo by QIMONO from PIXABAY

There are times when it is someone's experience that will open your eyes to learning something. For instance, a person who has been advised to quit gambling may be forced to learn when he sees the unspeakable outcome of someone who they gamble together. Perhaps the person lost a huge amount of money and was forced into depression due to constant thinking which led to other mental issues. Such experience may pass the message quickly to the man who have decided not to quit gambling.

In addition, no one will teach you how to be strong when life hits you hard. Friends and family may come around to jeer you up and give you a shoulder to cry on but after some time they will leave only you. It is up to you to decipher the best way to get over your challenges and get on your feet one more time. They may give you tips and advice on how to be strong but what works for Mr A may not work for Mr B. So it is up to you to look deeply into your life and learn what works best for you. There is no school that will teach you how to stay strong when you lose a job, somoene close to you and so on.

There are so many things that you have to learn on your own. Learning is what makes like interesting, so be open to learning new things on a daily basis.