I decided to Power Up 5100 $LEO

I went ahead and and powered up a little over 5100 $LEO yesterday.

I was re-evaluating my portfolio and liquidated some of my ALT Coins that I had made some profit on. Some I sold completely and others I kept a small balance of after taking back my initial investment plus a modest profit.

I think HIVE/LEO are top projects compared to most other Alt Coins I'm invested in. Mainly because of the community surrounding it as well as all of the amazing upcoming projects.

It's nice to have some more influence on $LEO and I can now give back better rewards to all the quality content creators.

I may also decide to purchase some $HIVE and power that up but for now my focus is on $LEO since I can still earn $HIVE by posting on $LEO multiplying my efforts and returns.

I feel really good about this investment and believe I will reap the benefits over this year by conducting this trade and Power Up!

My Pet Banana Duck agrees !


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5100 Leo from liquidated tokens is an amazing accomplishment. You are also going to have a great upvote in the community :-D