RE: Reflection: "Facts" and "Truth" Are Such Interesting Concepts!

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The intelligentsia pulled the study of logic from the curriculum over a century ago. Logic is the study of the structure of ideas.

Since people are no longer exposed to logic, terms like "facts" and "truth" no longer have any meaning.

John Dewey (1859 - 1952) was enthralled with the Hegelian and Marxian approach to logic. He advocated a system of experimental logic.

In experimental logic people simply make up their own logical rules.

People who create experimental logics end up doing whatever is most expedient. People trained in this new think simply use words for effect. They will use the word "truth" when they want such and such effect and then use the term "fact" when they want another effect.

There is no desire to understand the classical meanings of the terms.


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