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RE: Have You Seen BoJack Horseman?

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Definitely, I think it has to come down to the ratings per episode like you said, and the people doing that probably have a much more in-depth look into what the show is and stands for.

I've been trying to think what the episode was where there was no dialogue till the end since I commented earlier, I know the funeral was the speech (such a good episode), was it the one where he's underwater and finds that baby seahorse?

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Exactly, that's the one I had in mind. He basically only uses sign language and mhhmhhmhhhh noises until the very last scene... where he finds out that there was a button he could have pressed to talk :D

Oh yes, I really enjoyed that episode. Completely forgot how it ended since it's been a while since I watched the show. Great choices to demonstrate the creativity of the writers.

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