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Hey everyone! Today I have some good news and a story to tell. A few days ago, I was browsing through 3Speak as usual, and I found a very interesting video by @rob23 and @dunksocial. It was about an announcement o a new Tribe or tokenized community on Hive. I had to check it out!

dunksocial cover.png

This community is all about Basketball. I'm not the biggest fan, but growing up, it was one of my favorite sports to play with my friends, brother, father, and cousin. Dunk Social is the name of the Tribe or Tokenized community. It has its token called DUNK, which is still in price discovery zones. The frontend is similar to the tokenized communities we already know and love, and I have to say that the logo and orange theme is pretty cool.



I think I was the first investor in this token, and I know that it will go up and down before it stabilizes and finds its price, but I was not afraid to invest some spare Hive just for fun. I have staked all my tokens, and currently, I am in the top ten of the rich list.

And I'm not selling any time soon. I have created a new account to curate only Dunk Social content called @aliento.dunk. It is still not in use, and I have not delegated the DUNK yet.

This is the current price chart of DUNK:


Still not a lot of buyers and many people have sold.

I think that this tribe has potential because Basketball is a very big sport in many countries, and there are many brands, movies, and other forms of entertainment related to this awesome sport. It may be a good way to attract more people to Hive and how Hive users can create more content around this topic. Let's see how things go in the upcoming months.


My Story with Basketball


This is the only photo I have of me on a basketball court. I was holding a football soccer ball that I rescued from the tall grass.

In this post, I also want to share with you my story about Basketball. As I said, this sport was one of my favorites. There was a time where I practiced this sport along with Swimming, and I was very active. I have to tell the truth. I never was a good basketball player. I was never good with sports, to be honest. I even think I was below average, but that did not stop me from trying, and I practiced a lot.


Poor kid, but this me playing basketball against pro...

When I was a small kid, I used to play with my brother and my cousin. Both of them are very good at sports. They also practiced skateboarding, something I never was able to achieve. My father was also very good with basketball, and he beat all of us. When I was in high school, I participated in a tournament, and somehow we achieved second place (no thanks to me of course). This tournament was at a state level.


lol, but true.

Basketball is popular in Mexico, but the most popular sport is, of course, Football Soccer. I also was very bad at football soccer, but as I had more practice in basketball, I was able to win some matches against my friends and foes. In my parent's place, where I lived most of my life, we still have a small court. We had a basketball board, and we played a lot. In 2007 my father grew grass on that small court, and since then, we have not played a lot because the ball doesn't bounce.


This is a photo of the court, in the upper left corner you can see the board.

And I also have to say that I do not know about the current teams playing Basketball in the NBA but, I feel like going to play basketball. Where I live, I do not have a board or a court, but there is a park nearby. Soon I'll buy a new ball and shoot some hoops, shot like one of the phrases of this song by Atmosphere:

Thank you for reading and I invite you to check out @dunksocial.

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Always love to see a new community on HIVE nice find! !LUV

Great post here! I love the memes you have added as well LOL Thank you for promoting the new tribe, I hope that the token price ends up reflecting the potential that I know this tribe has to give! Looking forward to hearing from you more on this, thank you for sharing your story! I'm sure you helped get second place in that tournament, don't downplay it too much LOL