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RE: Think Twice Before Fighting Against Knife Attacks

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Thanks for sharing this top, I've not been in this type of situation and I don't wish to be in one though cos I don't know what I will do at that point.

For me in this kind of situation if the attackers have a knife 🗡️ on my neck and I sense the intention of the attackers is to rob me and not to kill me then I will let them have there way and safe my life for another day.

But if I know is an attack to kill me, then I will have to calculate my moves in other to remove the knife 🗡️ from my neck.

One strategy I will use which will work perfectly is time for a distraction that will make the attackers loose attention on his knife,then I will gain the chance to flip the knife and pave a way out.

Thank you.

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Even though someone knows how to defend against the knife in a situation like this, he should take advantage of the moment of distraction. Otherwise, it would be very dangerous to make any more.