Canadians offered partial freedom if at least 3 in 4 take Covid shot - NO THANKS!

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True North strong and free? Haha, riiight. We haven't been free in decades! After 16 months of lockdowns, closures and restrictions, a little freedom is being offered in exchange for cooperation in the stage III trials of the Covid "vaccinations". If 75% of adults take at least one dose, we will proceed through steps 1 to 4 by mid-September, achieving the right to lower our face coverings in public, visit our family and friends under some circumstances, and travel within our country. But is this partial freedom even attainable, given the criteria that must be met? Or is "2 weeks to flatten the curve" about to become 2 YEARS?

Of the 4 Steps here in BC, 3 is really the big one, because it ends the masks AND the state of emergency. Both of those are huge, and I can't overstate their importance.

We shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get basic rights, but I can't help but covet those step 3 privileges! What will it take?

Step 3 Criteria:

  • cases low
  • hospitalizations declining
  • at least 70% of adults injected with at least 1 dose
  • no sooner than July 1st

"Low cases" and "declining hospitalizations" are subjective, and probably come down to a judgment call by the "health officials" and their controllers. So it won't happen until they want it to.

But how likely is the 70% compliance rate with Covid injections?

The article says here in BC we just passed 60% (of adults 18+) that have taken at least one dose. So according to that, it seems like we'll be able to get there, and July 1st seems about right.

But what if we've already hit peak injection?

Looking at other countries that started earlier than Canada, we see they tend to go through a typical pattern:

  • slow initial uptake, as facilities open up and supply begins flowing
  • increase in pace of "vaccinations" until a peak, anyone who wants one can get one
  • pace of injections tapers off as there are fewer people who still want one

I got those data from Bloomberg. Notice large countries that rolled out vaccines early and fast, like Israel and the USA. They have already peaked, and their lines are flattening out (fewer and fewer doses being given). Places like Hungary, Canada, and the UK are somewhere around their peaks now.

Sweden, which did not lock down, close their economy, or mandate masks, is casually vaccinating a portion of their population. Like much of the Western world, they had waves of illness and death in April and December of 2020. They were heavily criticized for deciding to let it run its course. Both waves came and went without intervention from government. The result? There are now 32 (and rising) other countries harder hit by Covid. Deaths are low and flat. Cases are declining, and most aren't serious. They did it! Sweden has herd immunity.

Seychelles, which I covered in detail here, is the most-vaccinated country on the planet at 68.5%, and continues to suffer under a tsunami of illness. Until they started to inject, they had no trouble with Covid, but people started to die shortly after the shots began. Their vaccination clinics are closed, and everybody who will take the shot has been fully injected. They didn't even reach 70%!

Israel began before anyone else and went at it hard, but ran out of willing injectees in March. They won't hit 60%. Even so, they've forced a "Green Pass" on their people, splitting their society into Haves and Have-Nots. (Plans are underway in the USA and elsewhere to do the same thing.)

How many will take it in Canada?

Will we get to 70 or 75%, which has suddenly become the benchmark? It depends how things are measured. Some percentages consider every person, others use only adults. The above graph uses "people covered", dividing the number of doses injected by the number required to fully vaccinate everyone. Government and media usually calculate it a different way. It hasn't been standardized or laid out clearly. In other words, the gatekeepers can decide when (if) we've hit the goal or not.

Anecdotally, in smalltown BC, the people are divided pretty much evenly. A lot of people are awake, or waking up because of the "pandemic" and globalist response. I've been attending freedom rallies (anti-lockdown protests) on a regular basis. They're growing, and our media is finally starting to be forced to acknowledge us. Compliance is probably higher in the big cities, but overall, I think at least 2 Canadians in 7 will refuse the so-called vaccine. Perhaps as many as 1 in 3.

Looking at the available data, Canada is just under 30% on the above chart. What seems likely is Canada will end up at about 60% injected, much like Israel and the USA, with a similar curve (but less rapid pace). Assuming we're at peak injections now, we can flip the image to see about where we'll end up:

No matter how you measure it, or where you draw data from, it seems that not much more than half of Canadians are going to be fully vaccinated. And if the most-vaccinated places on Earth are barely approaching 70% - even after pulling out all the stops to jab every last person who will take it - that sounds about right.

It really doesn't seem like we're going to hit 75%. And maybe that's the plan. I've said from the start, the goal is to wage the war, not to win it. Like the war on drugs, or poverty, or terror, it is secretly meant to be unwinnable. That's the unspoken problem with this entire "vaccine" narrative - it can't work! The PLAN is for the plan to fail!

If we don't get to the magical 75%, who will the media point a finger at? The experts and officials who came up with the plan? Or the free people of Canada (and the world) who believe in the right to refuse an experimental gene therapy?

I don't think we should have to take shots to regain our freedom. Especially when those shots have been shown to be unsafe and ineffective. And unnecessary in the first place!

Where does your country rank currently? Have you decided which side you're on? Do you think they'll end the destructive lockdowns without first getting the majority of society hooked up with a digital health pass?

There's one thing I'm still certain about: You can always get vaccinated, but...



It seems so obvious at this point. They aren't even really trying to hide anymore. Are they looking for a fight? People are incredibly divided right now, and that seems to have been done on purpose.

The more videos I watch from various "conspiracy theorists" on LBRY the more I think that Canada might be one of the least "free" countries in the world. I also a know quite a few Canadians that used to live overseas here in South East Asia and have completely bought into the government BS in Canada since being back there. They are terrified of Covid for the most part and that is is a level of complacency that I have a difficult time relating to.

Well said - thanks for sharing your perspective and experiences.

It really doesn't seem like they will get more than 2 in 3 people to comply. As the truth comes out that it's making people sick, the rate of people taking the shot will drop to almost zero right away. They need to get as many more doses as they can into people before their window shuts.

Phhhhht, doesn't sounds like freedom to us! Sounds like coercion dressed up in garbage jargon!

LOL I could see pharmacies and such using the slogan: Covid shot? We got you covered while sinisterly rubbing their hands thinking, what we mean we've got your face covered, so we're technically not lying!

LOL starting at #1 of restrictions being lifted! If you're stupid enough to impose senseless restrictions on yourself, like not having guests over then I guess that feels like freedom. I'll continue on with my outdoor social gatherings. I don't travel, but I'll be welcoming my family from out of town for "recreational travel".

As for Sports and Activities, the rec centre didn't have any drop-in fitness classes anyway, and there's only snooty yoga in town, so I'll stick to tai chi with friends. And Business and Office well, I don't think I'll be getting a job on the books or hitting up the nightclub any time soon. If I want to dance, I'll go to a rally.

Recreational travel will be legalized this July they say. Wow there are so many parallels with the prohibition and censorship taking place right now and that with cannabis. No wonder they quickly legalized it after decades of people fighting for decriminalisation.