HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE: Then and Now - "India: COVID-19 cases plummet as the country turns to Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine"

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I've mentioned numerous times that I'm pretty sure my family and I had what is being called COVID-19 in early January of 2020. This was a couple of months before the CDC or WHO had anything about it on their website. I was well aware of something going on at least a month before they finally decided to post anything.


At first I was concerned and my family and I were wearing masks. My sons worked at a convenience store and would wear full on gas mask looking things. They were getting a lot of funny looks, and a little bit of hazing and taunting. They'd mention that something was going around and how the family had been sick. They would mention China. People would shrug it off because they hadn't heard it from an official source.


I kept following it and eventually came to the conclusion the masks likely would not help in this case and had the potential to cause other problems. We stopped wearing them.

BAMM!!!! The news finally woke up. The CDC had finally put some material on the website. My work is telling me to "Look at the CDC site and follow those guidelines". The guidelines initially were not that bad and we had already been doing them. Yet I found it interesting that ONLY when the CDC said something did they actually take anything seriously. I mean who am I? What can I possibly know? Even if I was a scientist I could still be a nobody? Yet if I have the CDC behind me suddenly I am worth listening too... It didn't really matter that I'd seen the director of the CDC being very political and not scientific at all in the couple of years before that. She was clearly one of those anti-Trump people. Can't let science get in the way of a chance to bash Trump. Can't let science present evidence that might vindicate him either. "Hold off on that report a bit". "Can you phrase that in some way that makes it more menacing?" You get the idea.


Then I started hearing about Hydroxychlorquine, Zinc, and an Antibotic as a cocktail. Many people testing it in their clinics had 100% success rates against COVID with it. I dug into it some more. I found out it was very inexpensive. It had been around for many decades. It was approved for OFF LABEL usage. It was initially an anti-malarial drug. It is used by people with lupus and arthritis as well. It has been around so long that they are very familiar with side effects and proper dosing.

A problem for the industry planning to make billions/trillions... It can be obtained as a generic. It is super inexpensive. It works better than the drugs they are rushing to market such as Remdesivir. (Anthony Fauci has a stake in that drug by the way)

It also kills the need to panic. Fear is extremely important here. They need a way to make people afraid enough to ignore the violation of their rights. They can use fear to make them lock up, wear masks, and attack others they see not wearing masks, or getting too close.

Fear works for them. Most people seem to get stupid when they are afraid. Stupid means easy to manipulate and control.

Yet I knew about HCQ + Zinc at this time. My fear was gone. They had a highly effective treatment.

And then Trump spoke...

To the media, and the anti-Trumpers anything Trump did or said should be attacked. He was like the ALWAYS wrong machine for them. At least that is what they project and their actions would seem to indicate.

Trump spoke about Hydroxychloroquine as potentially the cure we were looking for.

The media bashed that. They attacked it endlessly.


A wife in Arizona gave her husband some fish bowl cleaner that had a chemical name in it similar to Hydroxychloroquine but not quite. He died. There is a possibility since then that she may have intended to kill him. Regardless of motive...

The media jumped in. "See Hydroxychloroquine is bad and Trump is telling people to take fishbowl cleaner!!"

Both were lies...
and no surprise.

(I couldn't resist the urge to rhyme there)


Doctors speak out

They trot out their paid doctors to speak on their shows. They tell you about the various side effects of HCQ and add over emphasis on how often or severe these things are. They also point out that if you overdose it can kill you.

The funny thing is that you could run that same narrative on ANYTHING.

If you take things there may be side effects. (Even good things - some people have allergies)
You can overdose on ANYTHING.

So instead of saying that the dosages are well known, the side effects are well known and manageable they made it sound like everyone was going to overdose and die and have horrible side effects.

The majority of the side effects that occur are short term, and not even remotely as bad as COVID symptoms. They are also rare.

Yet keep in mind it was inexpensive and readily available.

Now: India -- The reason I wrote this post

India has been getting hammered by a huge COVID outbreak including an increase in hospitalizations and death. It should be noted that this is after over 160 million doses of a vaccine that is in India (It is not one of the 4 in the U.S.) was administered. It is however another one of those mRNA experiments as far as I was able to determine.

After and during that they get hammered by COVID.

Apparently they have stopped with this...

They have started using Hydroxychloroquine + Ivermectin (anti-biotic) and are seeing massive recoveries.





Remember how they blamed massive deaths on Trump...

This was often their clarion cry for why you should vote against him.


Remember when Cuomo, Whitmer, and several other governors mandated that COVID positive people should be sent into nursing homes among the most vulnerable population??

Remember when Trump suggested HCQ + Anti-biotics and they ridiculed and bashed him for it? They even went so far as to ban and make HCQ unavailable...


And still they blamed Trump for the deaths...

Then Trump started pushing Operation Warp Speed and these insane experiments. They didn't leave him much of an out as a "leader" to be seen doing something good. When he actually did good they would say it was bad.

Those deaths

Those deaths they blamed on Trump...

Proper blame was on the media, anti-Trumpers, and big pharma.

That death count belonging to them is increasing...

EDIT: Side note... notice in those charts I added from the article they say "After Ivermectin"? They still are avoiding the truly important ingredient. The Hydroxychloroquine. It has been used in conjunction with many different anti-biotics with great success. It is almost like they want to push a specific anti-biotic so they can avoid crediting the HCQ and potentially Ivermectin is more expensive?

Let's see...

  • Azithromycin - As low as $6.82
  • Ivermectin - As low as $25.89

It is not terribly expensive. It is definitely a definite profit leader when compared to Azithromycin which is another anti-biotic I know people have used with HCQ.

Just for completeness...

I tried to price Remdesivir (Fauci's drug)


I kept looking and at meawww.com I found the following paragraph in an article:



Thanks for the charts.

A really good article.


Bret and Heather had a lot to say about Ivermectin this weekend. Starting around 25 minutes in.

Thanks. I will be honest with you. The odds of me watching it are low. Perhaps though some of the readers of the comments will.

It is mainly due to time constraints. There is only so much time in the day and I read WAY faster than videos present their information. I do often have some videos playing that I listen to, but there are only so many hours in the day and they quickly run out if videos are the source.

I wish more people would put their videos somewhere other than youtube. Many of my old steemit posts that I embedded youtube videos in the videos have since been pulled by youtube which leaves those posts lacking.

This makes me hesitant to add videos to my posts now.

That India article I linked in the post has a video from youtube in it as well at the bottom which I have not watched.

Thank you though. Some people may watch it. I also might depending upon how time works out.

I do appreciate the sharing.

Much of the discussion is about how insane it is that the establishment won't even look at Ivermectin. They are two scientists who are dumbfounded by how anti-science the current approach to Covid is.

Thanks... that does help. I like knowing the content since it is a long video. :)

Fantastic article, DB! You know, I think that Zinc and Quercetin might be on a par with HCQ and Zinc. Much like HCQ, quercetin is an ionophore. That means it helps to get the zinc to get up into the cells. Suffice it to say, the various viri and bacteria tend not to respond well to intracellular zinc.

All I know is short of them blocking my access to these things. I'm not worried about COVID and haven't been for over a year now.

The attack on HCL was just crazy from the start. It was obviously completely politically motivated that people started doctoring information and statistics in order to make this very inexpensive treatment that many people had been helped by was completely ignored (I remember one of them was a Democrat legislator from somewhere up north.)

The banning of the drug, even though tons of doctors and scientists were behind it, was just political insanity. The most absurd story was how they tried to equate that couple who ingested fish tank cleaner with Hcl, when it was obvious to anyone with any sort of brain activity that these people were just nutjobs. Of course that was blamed on Trump as well.

Always follow the money.

But, of course, this time, it is follow the money as a distraction from "who wants control".

If you don't think taking ANY of their toxic drugs isn't going to come back and bite you in the butt down the line you're deluding yourself. It's like the back door to the sweetie shop where they sell the old crap to the ones who don't trust the front of shop, but it's all the same poison. Taking drugs that kill parasites for a made-up disease that affects breathing is nonsensical. Antibiotics don't cure either they just delay.

If I take anti-biotics (which is rare) I can tell they work. Yet they do not discriminate so I always take steps to eat things to replenish good biotics.

Anything can hurt us. Even things by nature. How much we take, how often, what we combine it with these things can all do damage.

I don't like to deal with absolutes. ALL of this is bad, or ALL of this is good.

I just try to be informed and make my own choices with my body. I certainly will NEVER force someone else or even coerce someone else into doing what I decide to do for myself.

HCQ is definitely dangerous. Yet so is Vitamin A. It's one of the reasons for example the Inuit do not eat polar bear liver. It is far too rich in Vitamin A and can prove fatal. Yet they tend to eat meats raw and thus get a lot of vitamins that are otherwise cooked away. It is largely how they survive on diets of mostly meat. Raw.

Yet with Raw come heightened potential for parasites.

Every decision is a risk.

It is those risks we must each of us weigh and decide upon. Should I drive my car today?

I try not to close the doors on considering pretty much anything. If you give someone special protection against liability, you attack people for asking questions, and/or you obfuscate and hide information then I'll tend to give your product a hard pass without bothering considering it. Without that information being available I do not think I can truly ever be INFORMED about the product so I damn well will not take that risk.

The mortality rate for inuits is still much higher than standard diet and they lose all their teeth early too. Typical lack of vitamin c symptom.

Yeah. They get some Vitamin C from the raw meat but not nearly enough. I remember watching a real to real documentary about them and their life in the late 70s or early 80s when I was very young. It stuck with me. I remember the kids treated fish eyeballs like we were treating candy. Very different life. It did stick with me from a survival perspective though. I did learn that if I was in a very bad situation and didn't have vegetables, fruit, etc that I might want to eat meat raw. Though I also am aware I'd not be used to that and my body might react pretty harshly to it initially. I don't have plans to put it to the test... :)

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