PERSPECTIVE MATTERS: "Mostly peaceful protests"... "Burning 'witches'"... "Insurrections"... OH MY!

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I was thinking about the ridiculous narrative of "Mostly peaceful protests" when buildings are burning, destroyed, places are looted, bricks and molotovs are thrown, paint and chemicals are thrown, etc.

It is something that makes me quite angry when I see that from media, celebrities, and politicians. It also makes me angry about how many people are so indoctrinated into letting such people tell them what they should believe that they BUY that nonsense.

If they were not so mentally lazy and went through history analyzing and studying riots they would quickly find out that these "Mostly Peaceful Protests" are actually more extreme than a large portion of historical RIOTS.

The only difference now is that the actions of the RIOTERS are appealing to those who control the media. Thus spinning it as something which they are not is what they do.


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By the same technique if we took a time machine and went back to the time of the Inquisition I started imagining a skit kind of like this...

  • PROTESTOR: "You can't do this. They are innocent."
  • INQUISITOR: "They have been caught committing heresy."
  • PROTESTOR: "You can't burn them at the stake!"
  • INQUISITOR: "Don't worry. It isn't burning them at the stake. They are just getting fired."

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This to me is very similar to what is happening with this "Mostly Peaceful Protest" narrative.


On January 6th with well over a hundred thousand people present, and some say two hundred thousand or more, several hundred people went to the capitol building.

Windows were broken. People pushed against the guards outside. Though if you paid attention you kind of noticed the people that tended to keep instigating it tended to not be actual Trump supporters. Many Trump supporters there were demanding it be stopped, and even asking the guards to do something.

So far just Windows were broken...


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An example of broken windows. Call this Exhibit A.

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These two let's call Exhibits B and C.

The official narrative of the media is to call Exhibit A an example of an "Insurrection" and Exhibits B and C examples of "Mostly Peaceful Protests".

Now they will be quick to tell you that it was an insurrection because it was the capitol building...


That is a Wisconsin capitol building...

Wait, I can hear it now... "but it wasn't our nation's capitol"


You mean maybe bringing weapons into the nation's capitol building like the Black Panthers did? That wasn't called an insurrection either. They had weapons unlike those that entered the building on January 6th, 2021.


It falls apart...

If you pay attention and you don't get your news from only a few locations that carefully filter the information you receive then you may know that video has been released.

For this guy:


You do remember him right? He got a lot of air time.

What they don't show you is that he asked the guards quite politely if they could enter the building and he was told yes. Then he told people to be respectful and peaceful.

He must be some kind of stealth insurrectionist. We need some "Mostly Peaceful Protestors" there to expose him for the fraud he is... /sarcasm

While I am looking for this new video for you... check out this one from CNN:

See stunning video of rioters inside Capitol

I watch that thinking how these Insurrectionist walk in nice lines, obeying the ropes, occasionally chanting USA. I don't see them destroying anything. That's apparently an Insurrection.

The following should give you what you need:

New Video Shows Capitol Police Telling Trump Protesters They Can Remain Inside the Building As Long as They ‘Remain Peaceful.’

Do you seriously think that was an insurrection?

If so...

Are you from another dimension where everything is reversed and somehow you ended up here?


Perhaps it is I that moved somehow into backwards land (aka Clown World)


The constant focus on the "insurrection" exists only in the mind of a liberal whose side can never be wrong. The "mostly peaceful protest" BS by the media reached an apex in my mind when a (I think) CNN reporter is standing with a burning building in the background of where he is physically standing and STILL calling it mostly peaceful.

The raid on DC was almost certainly instigated by plants in the crowd and I don't think anyone with any sort of ability to think objectively actually believes it was even a slight attempt at taking over the government.

The media is the enemy.

I find the clown world meme oddly horrific, perhaps due to the gradual recasting of clowns as evil from their origin as lighthearted fun. It is a painful process to dig into and understand the indoctrination and propaganda I have been subjected to, because it involves challenging my fundamental beliefs, which is a harrowing thing.

It is noteworthy that the contrast between the 'peaceful' protests and the capitol demonstration herein referred to is so extreme. Had the capitol demonstration been as peaceful as the other examples you cite, there would be a rebuilding project now replacing the burnt down capitol.

Throughout history tyrannies have deployed hordes of violent thugs to achieve suppression of dissent, to cow populations, and assert civil control in the guise of popular support. Apparently there have always been sheeple amongst us, though their portion of our number may well be increasing.

What is sad to me is that no one, certainly not the sheeple, seems to recognize that this is a fairly frequent occurrence in history and all the examples follow a pattern of societal destruction, war, and replacement of civil society by competing cultures.

Another thing is that censorship always precedes war.

I lament the brutal destruction our people will soon endure, not least because I have sons I love and would see prosper. Let us hope to prevent history from repeating once again by enabling folks to grasp it's lessons, lest the old aphorism regarding those that fail to learn from history is again proved.


I know this is off topic from the OP but your comments made me think of something:

I saw recently that Israel is issuing "green passes" to people who comply with the vaccine mandates and this gives them access to certain places. If there ever was a people that you'd think wouldn't be interested in being on lists and having passes, it would be the Israelis.