SYSTEMIC RACISM?: It wasn't there... yet now the people talking about it are the ones creating it.

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This article that I just encountered in the Journal of Psychoanalytic Association kind of blew my mind with the completely overt racism. Can you see the steps in dehumanization? This is the typical process that occurs before they start justifying the slaughter of people. You need to make them into a lesser creature first. The current target is "white". Many of you already know this. This is the new movement mimicking that of the Nazis. Yet they are great at propaganda so they call people that try to challenge them Nazis. They also call people trying to point out their racism the racists, while they claim to be anti-racist. Well let me know what you think of this...

I'm going to screen capture the entire article before they can make it disappear but here is a link to the article.


I call that overt racism. It is in a Journal for Psychoanalysts. Now being white is a parasitic condition. /sarcasm

EDIT: I found that The Gateway Pundit is reporting on this as well...


EDIT 2: I was never a fan of rap until I recently discovered Tom MacDonald. I think the following song of his is appropriate for this post. He is signed by no one. All of his music and videos are done by himself and his girlfriend Nova Rockafellar so they can say what they want without fear of being cancelled by agents, labels, etc. To me he is starting to seem like this era's Thomas Paine.

If you can't bring yourself to watch it (it is worth watching)... here are the lyrics:









This guy is batting 100 with his songs as far as I am concerned if you look at anything from the song "Dear Rappers" onward. He is fighting the propaganda, and fighting the system. He has no shackles. Support him by watching his videos, spreading the word, listen on itunes, spotify, etc.

Also Rap historically has been up there as one of the forms of music I tended to dislike. He is someone I listen to. That surprises me. He is very brave with some of the things he said. On the other hand he is also rapidly becoming wealthy without any help from the music industry, agents, etc. I am fine with someone like him busting their ass and becoming wealthy. Wealth doesn't bother me. How they use it and whether they corrupt the system with it or oppress others is when it bothers me.


I wonder if it'd be better to not use any of these terms and themes any longer, for it may feed the beast even more. ..?

The repetition of terms, may it be praise or critizism, still feeds what we seem to want to escape from, no?

You mean Systemic Racism? Nah it is two words and I know what they mean. Thus, I will push what they really are. When you are passing laws and putting a system into place that is racist then that does make it part of the system (aka governance).

When these terms were introduced we didn't have such laws. In fact it was illegal. Since they began claiming to fight this they have actually created laws and encouraged things that were illegal.

So they introduced those two words when it didn't exist. Yet now they are actually doing it.

I think it is important for people to know the words so they can counter and challenge them when they see them.

If I thought I was talking to a bunch of ignorant people though I might approach it differently.

I haven't heard a Tom MacDonald song I didn't like yet. His lyrics are right on,.

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Me too. That Burden track in the post is really good too and spot on.

Oops... thought you were replying to my M E T A L post... check it out because there is more than just metal in there. A bunch of Tom, as well as some Burden. Also some other things. The Metal I shared is also pretty unique.

I was listening to the music on your other post last night. I really enjoyed just about all of it. Thank you for sharing. I'm going to have to share some of them with others and get their reactions.

Reactions are fun. Jinjer is an excellent source for shocked and then amazed reactions.

Cool rap.

But, the racism is created by politicians who want us to fight.

Every fight between two groups maybe pushed by those who have benefits in it.

I'm glad there are such musicians singing about this. The more people will open their eyes about the real enemy here, the less of such fights we will have. Men-women, black-white, gay-straight, christian-muslim, believer-atheist and now covid supporter or covid dissident and there are more of differences used to make people fight each other. That will make the citiznes weaker and the rulers more poweful. Instead of fighting for our rights we start to fight each other. This is what they wanted from us.

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Yep. Self Segregation into ever smaller boxes. There is always someone in a different box to point your finger at to attack. That is the goal.

Tom MacDonald described that in several of his songs but specifically does so in "Fake Woke".

The only way they can silence him is with a bullet. Let us hope it doesn't come to that.

I wonder if we will get past this issue

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Not with the current media, and the current people in power (globally).

You are spot on about the Nazi influence with the liberals! Todays liberal shock troops (blm and antifa) should study what happened to the brown shirts after they were no longer useful to the Nazis....

They have upgraded the plan slightly, instead of killing these shock troops directly like the Nazis did; they will force US to do that job defending ourselves! This achieves their racist goal of damaging the black race, while keeping their hate for them hidden!!!!

These are hate filled evil people, that want power at any cost. They are possessed, IMHO.


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The publishers of that paper are crazy.