"The Curve of Vaccination is Followed By The Curve of Deaths" - Nobel Prize Winning Virologist - Luc Montagnier

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When it comes to "experts" you would certainly think that a Virologist who also happens to be a Nobel Prize winner would be an expert in his particular field. In this case the French Nobel laureate has come out with a claim that it is the vaccines that are causing the variants that are being reported and seen around the world.

It is unlikely the mainstream (Captive) media will tell anyone this. It is as usual inconvenient to the propaganda narratives they have been directed to push.


Link to Rumble Video

Looking at the WHO curve, since vaccinations began in January, the curve of new infections (those infected) has exploded, along with deaths.

Especially among young people.

It’s a huge mistake, isn’t it? Both a scientific and a medical mistake. It’s an unacceptable mistake. The history books will show that, because it is vaccination that creates the variants.
For the China virus, there are antibodies created by the vaccine. What does the virus do? Does it die or does it look for another solution?

The new variants are a production and the result of vaccination. You see it in every country, it is the same: the curve of vaccination is followed by the curve of deaths.

Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny

An Osteopathic Medical Doctor whom is also board certified in three medical specialties and is a very outspoken doctor about vaccines had the following to say:

“This vaccine candidate is of interest because the clinical studies, done in collaboration with the University of Oxford, were widely publicized as the first and most promising vaccine,” she wrote. “However, in May 2020, it was reported that all the vaccinated monkeys treated with the Oxford vaccine became infected when challenged. Then, why did the company press forward with the renamed, AZD1222 vaccine candidate? Because even though the vaccine did not protect the animals from infection, it did moderate the disease. Watch for this type of logic as the 80+ COVID vaccines try to make their way into the multi-trillion-dollar vaccine market.”

She is talking about the AstraZeneca vaccine there.

“Are you willing to be injected with something unknown and never tested before in humans?” she asks.

After all, humans are now the guinea pigs for these injections.

Tenpenny warns that those who have taken the vaccine will begin to become sick and many will die within 3-6 months.

Whether this manifests as she is concerned remains to be seen. If it does begin to go that way will they actually tell us or will they spin it as something else? I would not be surprised at all to see them use people starting to die as an excuse for telling people they should get a booster shot.

Salk Institute

Others have written about the Salk Institute here before and I reblogged their posts. Here is another article on that:

Bombshell Salk Institute science paper reveals the covid spike protein is what’s causing deadly blood clots… and it’s in all the covid vaccines (by design)


There is a lot going on nonstop with COVID and the documents I link have many other links within them. It is a deep rabbit hole and getting deeper every day. I think it is important to get some things in front of as many eyes as we can to counter the propaganda pushing a narrative that benefits and covers for big pharmaceutical companies. The fact that they do cover should be no surprise if you pay attention to who purchase most of the advertising space in media. How many drug/prescription commercials do you see? Wouldn't you think these media companies would be afraid to lose that if the Big Pharma was doing something negative and they reported on it truthfully?

As is often the case. I didn't intend to publish this but then I noticed some of these articles which I thought were pretty important. Though they are mostly a rehash of things many of us have been speaking about. If you needed more to read up on or watch then hopefully I have provided you a good place to start.

EDIT: I also saw that Senator Rand Paul has come out saying he will not be taking the vaccine. He was actually advised with this recommendation by his Doctor.


EDIT 2: Added May 26th, 2021:

The virologist that I began this article with has also stated that ALL people who have taken these COVID vaccines will die within the next 2 years. That is a fairly bold statement. He says the cause will be due to antibody-dependent enhancment (ADE). Whether you agree with it or not I know this news will terrify a lot of people. Actually all people to some degree even those who haven't taken one of these vaccines. We all know people and likely have loved ones who have taken them. The cognitive dissonance would likely inspire us to want to shoot the messenger. Instead you can hope that he is wrong. If he is not and people start dying enmass then it isn't the messengers you should target. It is those that coerced and propaganda bashed you into taking the vaccines in the first place. Those that ridicule anyone that said that this is probably not a good idea.

There is also the possibility he is wrong. For the sake of those that have taken the vaccines I hope this is the case. My mother is one of those that took the Pfizer jab.

Everyone vaccinated for covid will DIE, warns French virologist


It is so painful to watch this, as in, the people i listen to were reporting that this was gonna happen back before the vaxxx was on the market.

They said what was going to happen.
And happen it did, just as they foretold.

But are they praised? No, they are banned from ThemTube and Twatter.

I know more people who have suffered greatly from the vaxxx, than i know of people who actually had a hard time with the Wuhan-flu.

lol twatter

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Did the others you told in person take heed to the information or label you with some meaningless label?

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Most were polite... but when talking to them later, it was like i said nothing.
News reporter 10, me 0

Me too. ☹️

Yep. We've been seeing this pattern for years now.

Too many experts have said very strong things against this vaccine. From all I have heard and found from my researches it turns out these vaccines seem more dangerous than the coronavirus. I'm definitely chosing to take my chances with the virus

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We've also learned of good treatments that are pretty effective if you do get it. The media of course is trashing those as bad and dangerous.

Who buys their advertisements? What commercials do you see all the time?

Do you think those people want the media telling you about really inexpensive (available even as generic) treatments that are highly effective?

Are they perfect? No. Nothing is.

Exactly! All we keep hearing about are masks masks masks. We don't hear them talk about vitamin D and immune system boosting as much. Nor about any sort of remedy that might help apart from the vaccine.

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I'm like Senator Paul. Personally I don't think the vaccine is necessary for me. I'm healthy and I believe I have a very very high chance of recovery. Others I've spoken to said they've had flu that was worse. I may have already had it, I honestly don't know and really don't care. I hope the vaccinated that I know don't have issues in the future. Only time will tell. But if more issues do start popping up I don't know how they are going to try to spin the story. The propaganda is strong. You can't turn on the radio or TV and get through a commercial break without hearing about the vax.

My family already had it(fairly certain) before they were testing for it. Even if we hadn't I wouldn't touch these particular vaccines with a 10' pole.

ah, i can be sure that if you post something related to deaths or sickness caused by the vaccines in the mainstream media like twitter or facebook, you would get shadowbanned or just banned

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We can pretend to be civil, but I will only feel like justice was served when everyone who lied is dead or never allowed to work again. Id avoid any business that even hired a government or healthcare worker who lied to keep their job like a dog, they should be treated like the dog they took me and every other free person for.

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I won't ever endorse Forever, and Never myself. I do think there are quite a few people that should be swinging from ropes for treason. I simply believe it should be proven, not simply be based upon allegations. For many of them that would be easy to prove.

The vast majority I view as intentionally poorly educated and indoctrinated puppets. There is hope for them. Though in the current system not really.

In reality we should let them have what they want IF they were not dragging us with them. Let them see how stupid their ideas are in the long run and they'd likely either kill themselves off or wake up and start thinking.

The problem is they think those of us paying attention should have to suffer right along with them. I'm not for that at all.

My biggest thing is I want people to think for themselves, and let reason be the guide rather than being lead around by their emotions.

I know it is wishful thinking and unlikely at this point.

This is a global problem at the moment, not just a U.S. one.

I suspect we're going to go through some really dark and dangerous times before humanity rises out of the dark. It could take generations.

I also suspect this is largely by design. It looks a lot like Hegelian Dialectic at work to me. Create the problems, so people will embrace your desired solution.

In this case it looks to me like a push for a one world government of unelected people. For example: Collapse and show how all these nations are chaos and ineffectual. Push hard to let the "United Nations" (an emotionally charged label - we want unity) become the new world government.

Big problem there... have you or anyone you know ever elected or voted for anyone to be part of the United Nations? No? Me neither.

That is just an example of what I think could be the push. It'd end up with nothing more than a bunch of oligarchs ruling. A neo-global feudalism of sorts. It kind of already is that but I don't think it is particularly organized and is more a bunch of groups and individuals loosely pushing in the same direction.

The problem is they think those of us paying attention should have to suffer right along with them.

Yes, I can confirm that and also, what you said in your last sentence, when it comes to ordinary people (the push I see clearly from the pharmaceutical industries).

My brother, who just barely survived a heart attack is now on sick leave for the next weeks. Since the employer stopped paying wages and the health insurance company steps in, a discussion with the employee from the insurance was due. She told my brother that he now had to go to a rehabilitation clinic. He said: "No, I don't want to be locked up there for three weeks in this Corona time", whereupon she barked at him personally and told him that "because of people like him we would still have the pandemic".

Then she lied and said that he had to send her all the documents so that she could calculate the sickness payment. These were so-called "counselling offers for medical help and suggestions", to which one could "voluntarily" hand in one's medical data as well as give permission to the doctors to give the patients data to the insurance company. These are in no way necessary to settle the finances. The woman was an extremist and tried to use her bureaucratic power.

I've almost died myself from nurses that didn't listen to me and had made assumptions about me.

That must have been a scary experience. How did you come out of it?
It angers me that the words and expressions of a patient is so often ignored, as if he or she has not the most things to say about his/her condition (if asked and treated properly and respectfully).


The problem is they think those of us paying attention should have to suffer right along with them. I'm not for that at all.

Thats why I am done being nice, I'm seriously contemplating assaulting the next person who asks me to wear a mask.

In Canadian courts, if they approached you, and you swing first its possible to prove they were harassing you and you felt threatened. I'd get 1 free right hook on anyone asking me to get a mask, and then likely face no repercussion in court.

Hah. That wouldn't work here.

No one asks me to wear a mask though. I've been wearing airsoft/paintball masks the entire time with tons of holes I can breathe through and they haven't said squat.

So I've felt like I was pulling a fast one on them the entire time. I also don't go anywhere I need them that often. Maybe once or twice a month.

One place I occasionally go to for work (Data Center) requires them. Yet they never question my airsoft mask... :P


Wouldnt it suck when the paint sprayed through lol?

I am legally exempt here. So if they do ask me to wear it, they will now be legally required to serve me in my car to prevent discriminating against me.

The cool thing about the mask I wear. It is solid and metal. It is designed to take hits from airsoft and paintballs more to mitigate the force that can actually hurt you. So I walk around with a mask full of holes, can breathe great, and if someone throws something at my face all I should hear is a "thunk"... assuming it hits the mask. :)

It is just as effective against COVID as the masks they are wearing. (aka not at all)



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If I understand the final statement and link, radiation will be activated to cause deaths. So the jabbed must reduce exposure to radiation to stay alive. There IS something they can do. There are things we all can do, starting with removing all wireless technology from our homes and lives. We haven't had these things for very long, it should be simple to go back to living without them. Hardwire all devices if you can't live without them. Do this for all of us. Reduce dependency/enslavement on the frequencies that are designed to murder us. And neither get the jab, nor allow yourselves to be tested!!!

That definitely might help.