You better watch out I'm going to WORD you!!!! Are you scared? Are you going to shut me down? I mean... I am serious here come the words!!

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For years now people have been caught committing crimes. Politicians, News Outlets, Big Pharma, Big Tech, etc. They have been caught outright lying, committing crimes, or being compromised. We see them bring up that there are going to be internal investigations, that bills are going to be passed, that they will be called in to testify, etc. Does it mean anything?

They found some more bad things with the Maricopa County Audit in Arizona. Yeah. Does anyone that was actually paying attention and thinking for themselves find this surprising? Does anyone that was actually carefully watching the numbers and such coming in on election day and throughout the night along with the narratives that mysteriously happened at the same coordinated times across multiple states think that there was nothing wrong with the election? I mean sure if my livelihood is threatened by youtube, facebook, etc. if I dare to point out things that are extremely obvious and easy to see if I just look and think I might back down because I don't want to be censored from their platforms. I might avoid suggesting the truth because I've built my business around their platforms. They might get me to self censor myself. They may even get me to push their desired narrative... Yet none of these things describe me. They are no threat to me. If they were I doubt I could bring myself to do it anyway.

I mean I am willing to be fired rather than accept a vaccine mandate from my work (no such mandate yet). I am willing to resist and do whatever is necessary to survive if a vaccine passport is mandated. I won't take one and it likely will make me become a criminal. So if I was seriously surviving on big tech funds would I toe the line and not speak up about this fraud? Not likely. That just isn't me. In that fictious world I'd be one of the creators that was perma-banned already. The new Nazi like movement would have burnt my digital book.

There are people taking actions. Often illegal. Yet they are not held accountable so they keep doing it, and even accelerating the process. The people that are following the rules, and trying to be civil and what in my mind I kind of think of as "The good guys" are getting their ass kicked. Or perhaps they are there just to put on a show for us and keep us from showing them what an insurrection actually looks like. I don't know. I do know that the people that seem interested in the bill of rights, true equality, justice, and honesty... they are getting their asses kicked all over the place.


Those committing the crimes have not been held accountable. I can't actually think of a single significant instance where those in power have been held accountable. I can cite a lot of cases in the last four or more years where people have had their rights violated, been jailed, had their lives destroyed, etc. without any evidence. Yet for the power brokers that are caught doing things illegal and/or evil, nothing seems to happen to them.

What do the "good" guys do?


They go ahead and do an audit. They've already found some things that are not surprising to me in the least. Though they've also had evidence destroyed that was subpoenaed. They've had things that were subpoenaed that simply are not handed over and those that have them refuse to do so. What do you think they are going to do about it? If we follow the historical precedent for awhile they will do nothing.

This makes their laws, their words, their audits, their bills, their subpoenas, and their judgements all MEANINGLESS. They are empty threats. The are the proverbial...


Which is called and discovered to be nothing more than a bluff. Those I'd consider the "bad" guys know this. I fully suspect at this point they don't really care what people do because if they find something nothing is going to change. No actions are going to occur. No one is going to jail. No people proven traitors will be executed. No actual insurrectionists will be stopped.

I don't know about you but I'm a bit tired of the words...

I don't need to see Mark Zuckerberg called yet another time to testify before Congress without being under oath. I don't think it would actually matter at this point if he was under oath. I mean Dr. Fauci was under oath and he just lied through his teeth the other day when confronted by Senator Rand Paul. Do I think anything will happen to him? Not really. I suspect he'll keep lying with impunity, scaring people, and pushing agendas that make him and his buddies more wealthy and powerful. He speaks very disrespectfully to congress, and at this point this doesn't surprise me. He likely was aware of the empty threats of the "good" guys long before I noticed it.

Why did I write this post?

Well, I read the news and I'll go comment in the comment sections of various articles as I am looking around and for awhile my comment could often be simply summarized as...

"Sure I agree... but what about it? Will they actually do anything or is this simply more words?"

I did also do some introspection and I realize I am using words here too. Yet I am not an elected official, I am not in the military, I am not in any law enforcement agency, and truly I don't have any authority. All I have is my words. When I cease to have words all I have left is my life and my weapons? I tend to weigh what benefit I might offer.

At the moment I think I am more beneficial in just getting people to see behind the curtain, see the Matrix, and hopefully think for themselves. It may be too late, but if there is any hope I suspect it is going to require a lot of us. Though organizing is easily tracked these days and they (bad guys) can shut such things down rapidly. That is partially I suspect why it is mostly just words...

Yet those that are in positions to do something seem to be fixated on words as well.

They pass bills that they don't enforce. They have laws and create new ones that they don't enforce.

Though the bad guys will selectively use whatever they can and ignore what is inconvenient. Why shouldn't they? If they violate your rights, and they prosecute you based upon allegations, cancel your banking, get you fired, get you ostracized, etc. based upon lies which they have no burden to prove they simply walk away. They commit so many crimes with no consequences. Thus, they do whatever they want. They say whatever they want and it is treated as gospel.

I want to share with you some of the articles and headlines I looked at today. I may also go back in time a bit if I can find some more examples:





Representative Marjorie Taylor Green (MTG) shouts at Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and these WORDS are being treated like the most important thing since 9-11, or Pearl Harbor. MTG must be investigated, removed from panels, recalled, fired, impeached, etc. For words. Do you see the hypocrisy? These "Bad guys" get away with this. They can go after MTG with impunity. They will go after MTG for words and treat it like a terrorist attack. In the meantime THEY do this type of behavior daily with no consequences.

The bad guys coming after people for WORDS... They've pushed the WORDS are violence idea quite heavily. Except of course when they are their words.



Yep, and what are you going to do about it? Likely something that ends up just being more words.


Yeah? What are you going to do about it? Talk?


The bad guys calling the court's bluff. Do you think anything other than words will happen? I don't.

If you were the bad guys what would this mean to you? To me it'd mean I don't care about laws at all. If people are not or cannot enforce them then I can pretty much do whatever I want.


Yep. The bill of rights are meaningless to the bad guys.


Great. How do you plan to enforce it? I know some things happened in Trump Era that were banned yet they continued to do them anyway.


Indeed. Information I have encountered over the last year makes this seem plausible. Yet what are you going to do about it? Talk?


Again... What are you going to do about it? Talk?


There may be one exception lately. Hopefully he keeps it up.


He seems to be doing more than just talking... They sure hate him for it. People in his state love him. Many people in other states are jealous and wish they had him as their Governor.

We now resume our regularly scheduled program


That is correct. Black Lives Matter only seems to apply when you focus on the extremely low number of deaths from a white person, especially a white cop that happen each year. Ignore the massive amount of black on black crime in the big cities ruled by the "bad guys".

Why not? It works. They make policies, get funding, and get voters by creating division.

Their opposition simply talks and cowers...


Yeah, and what are you going to do about it? Nothing? Yeah that's what I thought.

At least the Democrats would have been working on yet another impeachment sham by now.


Haha. As someone that deals with this frequently. This won't do anything. I am a network engineer. The amount of hacking has been escalating beyond insane levels. Why shouldn't it? I've actually not heard of anyone in any of the crimes I've been involved with blocking that have been held accountable. I've reported large problems to places like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc. when we catch specific IPs committing crimes. They do nothing. We've just gotten into the habit of blacklisting such IPs so they can never reach our network again. Sometimes we blacklist entire network blocks. This is insufficient and in the long run it will have negative outcomes as well because innocent people that happen to be in those blocks will be blacklisted as well. We can't keep up with it any other way. Why? The criminals are not held accountable so they are getting emboldened and more and more of them appear.

Though I do want to share a satirical headline from The Babylon Bee that had me laughing... this one is the only one in this post that was not a headline to be taken seriously:


I assure you I can keep going. All I see is WORDS from the good guys. From the actual criminals I see contempt because they know they won't be held accountable.

We need to return to the times of "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me"

It is past time to confront the playground bully and bloody their nose...


We all fell for it. To the statement that violence is not a solution. It is true. Violence is not a viable way to live together. However, self-defence is something that seems to be forgotten. The ordinary people on the street who are attacked by someone who wants to do bad or who is ready to use violence - even ordered by the state - they are not supposed to defend themselves? Not defend themselves against violence? An old neighbour told the story of a violent husband beating up his wife. She saved herself by going to the neighbours. In the village it went like this: The men got together, went over to the abuser and threatened him that if he laid a hand on his wife again, it would be very bad for him. And they were not bluffing. They were serious. He never touched his wife again. The police? What do they do in such cases? Or the law? Protect the wife from further harm? No. It's all a misconception. Of course, the woman can leave the man. I would do it. No one is allowed to beat me.

But we ordinary citizens have nothing to oppose structural violence. The bureaucratic violence and the lack of awareness of justice have been implanted in us for centuries, if not millennia.

I have always felt it, but did not really want to admit it. The school, the state education that alienated me from my parents, even to the point of thinking they were stupid and I was smart. Letting myself be manipulated by school, against my own family. What a shame. I finally know what my parents must have felt. After the smart kids turned their backs on them and emulated the psychologists who put all the blame on the parents for all the pain and neglect a child has to endure. As if the parents were not victims themselves.

I radically changed my views. It started way before last year, but has been accelerated by the events.

So yes, words only help if they are meant to be followed by action. I mean what I say. Words have meaning, that's how it is. Words are sharper than swords, that is also so. It works to intimidate someone with words. But it is also effective to respond with anecdotes. Silence is not right when you want to defend yourself against injustice.

I agree with what you have said. Those who do not adhere to anything, who do not care about anything, who violate human rules either by forcing others to do something themselves or by accepting that this work is done for them by others, they shirk this truth or else they exercise even more coercion.

I hear you and I think your words are important.

Excellent response. Thank you.

Maybe citizens arrest will come back in play one day, but I doubt it, like you said just words and no accountability for them.

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It is past time to confront the playground bully and bloody their nose...

But what about the NAP?

Self defense applies. If the bully in this case is passing laws that imprison, violate your rights, etc. then it is self defense. The bully in this case was a metaphor.

NAP is easy to use to victimize people if they think it only means self defense if you see a physical weapon coming at you. It is naïve and ineffective if that is how short sighted one enables it to be.

Imagine if your house was in a spot and no one was physically attacking you or your property but over time they had been excavating all around your property so eventually it collapses into a big sink hole and you die, your property is destroyed, etc. At what point do you think you should defend yourself?

If you keep NAP only aimed at close by targets that you can immediately see that are physical you'll be dead and your property will be destroyed.

Some of these evil people are excavating.

I am well aware of the NAP having grey areas, but I think that is the whole weakness of the thing. You could make an argument for taxation being theft and therefore all state institutions are punishable for theft. You could do the same for things like pollution, but there is always the question who is the authority to judge and punish? Sure you could roll up yourself with a sawed off shotgun, but that wont get you far.

On the other hand I am not sure how well libertarians can organize, especially because the grey area varies, but I guess I am going to find out at the Libertarian summercamp im going to :D

Hah. "Libertarian" is unfortunately one of those labels that has people that often have very different ideas. If I had to pick an ideology that in "theory" best describes me that is the closest at the moment. I sometimes call myself a minarchist. Not quite anarchist. I think there needs to be a minimal set of rules.

So I tend to settle for voluntarist as that is essentially what I seek.

Let me know how this CAMP goes.

Also I've experienced and seen the difference between the psychological damage caused by a bully who is not stopped and the physical damage of a bloody nose. The bloody nose usually heals quite quickly, and hopefully the bully stops seeing you as a target. The psychological stuff can have a lifetime impact and influence the decisions and how a person behaves for the rest of their life.

Always attempt to "Talk" at the beginning... yet if all you do is talk you are doomed.

Always attempt to "Talk" at the beginning... yet if all you do is talk you are doomed.

I won't argue against that.

I'm so tired of the talking and talking by the GOP. My Senator from the Great State of Texas, Ted Cruz, is really good at the words. They do nothing but talk and the bad guys keep getting away with everything they do. No consequences at all.

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