Back to 5 hours day day of power blackouts here in sunny South Africa while China takes over

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We’re back to 5 hours a day of power cuts here in sunny South Africa, in the middle of winter. The state owned power utility company that provides electricity for the country has been in a struggling state for some years now, with little improvement. As a result every few months they place the country under “load shedding” constraints for some weeks at a time. So here we are again will scheduled blackouts in neatly arranged 2.5 hour slots, once or twice every 24 hours.

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At least we are forewarned that the power will be off for specific two hour intervals in the town. In this way the load on the power company systems is minimized by using this phased power cut throughout the entire country at varying times for each town or city. Our cuts come at 8pm usually, but today being a weekend we had one from 2-4.30am and another from 10am-12.30pm. So they could arrive at any time slot.

We simply have to work around these scheduled blackouts. Here on the farm where I rent, we rely on bore hole pumps, so when the power goes off then the water pump also goes off. Fortunately we cook on gas, and bring in all our drinking water since the farm bore hole water is full of heavy metals and not palatable...or too healthy apparently.

The effect on the economy can only be debilitating, as restaurants or any company doing business has to use a back-up generator that runs on even more expensive petrol or diesel. Although it’s winter now, we don’t get snow and so it’s not intolerably cold and the sun shines throughout the winter albeit for shorter duration. So the power cuts are not life threatening, as they might be in the snowy northern hemisphere, or in an excessively hot tropical climate.

The country has struggled to maintain the power utility company over the past 25 years and it is in steady decline, despite attempts to revamp it with new power plants that simply never made it to go online and join the grid. Incompetence or corruption are the usual obstacles, despite billions spent on construction. Two massive new power plants sit totally unused and possibly even useless after those billions went into building them.

And so we sit in a situation that is worse than it was 25 years ago, when there was never such a thing as scheduled blackouts to alleviate the load on the power supply grid. It seems that we are going backwards here in a once efficient leading third world economy. China now owns us basically, thanks to their “debt trap diplomacy”. We are getting more new Chinese nationals becoming ministers in our parliament so the obvious takeover is clear for anyone who follows world politics. USA is also becoming sold out to China who aims to take over the world soon. May be they will fix our power plants.

If they do then they will also probably take control of our mineral wealth and natural resources as we become a satellite province, much like many other nations currently. It continues to be a slow slide into decay and dictatorship here in South Africa and on the planet generally in this decade so I don’t expect any improvement in my lifetime, only an erosion of our inalienable human rights as the tyranny of a communist dictatorship overtakes what was once a capitalist democratic western world.

The China model will usurp your privacy and control over your wealth as social credit score and UBI emerge on the back of the CBDCs. Here in South Africa our government is already half communist and a new law is being passed called the “land expropriation bill” which allows the state to confiscate anyone’s private land if they feel like it. There used to be some sort of compensation but it’s moving to “expropriation without compensation”. Add to that this month’s massive gun confiscation drive and you have the makings of a textbook totalitarian takeover in the making.

Any intelligent person, especially in USA, knows that once they come for your guns and your right to bear arms, then you know that the checks and balances are being removed by the state who is becoming a dictatorship. I presume the entire planet is going in that direction, particularly USA who are being dismantled as the old world power, while the new communist system takes over the world via the WEF design for the year 2030, where “you will own nothing and be happy”.

The world is undergoing a “Great Reset” and will not look the same by the end of this decade. Say goodbye to your freedom of speech, right to bear arms, privacy and all of the rights you thought were yours. Planet China will re-educate you in camps and big brother will watch every keystroke. Add to that the mass global culling of the human population via fake killer vaccine and you have a nice little George Orwell plot unfolding in the next few years. I see it now and write about it here for posterity while I still can before the CCP take over. I wonder how we will keep the blockchains up and running with our free speech carried on it?

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We are all to blame for the state of South Africa we all stood by and funded it with our tax. I know it’s not what people want to hear we would rather argue and point fingers and say I told you so and I didn’t vote for this bla bla bla

The fact is the totalitarian tip toe doesn’t happen overnight or by one person but by the complacency of good people

I know it doesn’t sound like our job to hold others accountable but in a fiat money system where we all tethered to the country it’s actually everyone who is a shareholder who needs to act

Others have left, some are exiting into Bitcoin and preserving something. You can try going off the grid but that can only get you so far too.

I don’t put anything past this government they will take from
Us and justify it with whatever means necessary

I’ve accepted that we are past the point or return and collapse is a matter of when not if!

We can only save ourselves now, sad to say! I know a lot of people had high hopes but maths and trends don’t lie! Hope can only get you so far

Yes I can relate to your sobering insights Che. Every day here is one closer to a potential civil war or CHAZ zone. The police are not interested in non-racist service delivery. We can only look to ourselves as you say, to survive.

@selfhelp4trolls don't miss out on this post and @julianhorack I suggest you give the last two posts by the aforementioned guy a read.

This is pretty serious. I can't help but feel that the power cut is a metaphor for life ( albeit the power of people ). It's the goverments themselves that could really use a "power cut".

Whatever's the case, I will do my utmost best to stay positive and improve the world around me with the means that I have, without ignoring my own mental and physical health.

Thanks Vincent, I read and commented on those two posts based on the 3rd world Hiver topic, as a 3rd worlder who need to use Hive to sell for survival.

The power cuts here don't bother me personally really. Life here is so mild and easy so it's no sweat. I expect the situation to only get worse in the coming years, as is the obvious trajectory already for the past 25 years here. But the weather and natural surroundings are free and uplifting every day of the year and that will always be world class. The best things in life are free.