Passing out while driving after getting covid shot

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1:37, passing out while driving after getting covid shot

Step right up, go to your local vaccine drive-thru! We ahve many location in parking lots and what not. Maybe you want to get vaxxed while you buy something? Well you're in luck! Many businesses are offering on the spot vaxx!

It's totally safe to get a medical procedure in a restaurant, on at a grocery store. They are ready for any side effects. Even at your drive thrus, you will be in your car and then be off on your way 15 minutes later!

Well, not exactly. A known side effect is passing out after you get this completely absolutely totally safe injection that is also experimental and being tested on everyone globally at the moment. People have passed out while driving. Like in this example where we are lucky enough to have it on camera as proof, with which a new story is made about.

A man in a pickup was passing out while driving, and crashed into a boat parked on the side of the road, nearly hitting two people who were behind the boat.

As one of the people who avoided the crash stated, they were only so lucky to avoid it and get out of the way and time because the pickup first hit the driver side of the parked white vehicle which offset the angle at which he would have initially hit the boat. If that white vehicle wasn't there, the angle would've been steeper and those people would've had a smaller margin to escape collision with the vehicle.

The driver didn't even have time to pull over. He felt like he was going to pass out and tried to pull over, but he didn't even have the time. He just passed out almost killed two people.

This is the insanity of what's going on right now. There are known side effects such as passing out after getting an injection. But the insane push to get people to take this experimental injection is having drive-through injection site set up, where people are driving off after a mere 15 minutes of observation.



It is getting worst out there. The situation is just going to be from another dimension coming winter season.

Coming soon to a country near you


It is great indeed. I hope you know little french it can help if you traveling across countries in West Africa


Come on... Any sort of anxiety can cause people to experience vasovagal syncope and pass out from any trigger, needles are often good triggers - that's why they ask you if you pass out with needles. Lots of people do. There are known side effects such as passing out after getting ANY injection.

The insanity is this type of hyperbole propagated and hyped. Nobody? Everybody just gobbling it up, nodding heads all around.

I heard it was actually because he came too close to a 5G tower after getting the shot. The signal overloaded his brain causing him to pass out.

Come on... anyone experiencing vasovagal syncope at the site of blood or a syringe is going to pass out soon after that trigger occurs. You're going to overreact to a trigger when it happens, not long after the event is gone. That's why people faint at the site of blood when they see it, not dozens of minutes later. "Oh that blood I saw from 30 minutes ago really got to me now 30 minutes later and I passed out"... lmao.

Seems like the most logical explanation - you are reaching if you are attempting to link it to being the COVID shot specifically. This can occur with any injection and you have zero timelines. He probably got the shot, didn't wait and just drove off. Simple syncope, it happens and thankfully no one was injured.