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RE: Splinterlands is changing my life? yes, it is.

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If you want to contact me on Twitter and I'll tell you about some ways to get benefits without having to be 100% of the time inside the game, with Splinterlands there are many ways :D and yes, you are right, family comes first, I am very happy that now everything is going in an upward curve in my life and my family's life.


Life is full of ups and downs, it's difficult to keep up a high spirit during lows but we have no choice. You can choose to stay sad or be positive, accept and move on.

I am not very active on twitter, but are you talking about renting the cards?

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that's one of the ways, also you can hodl your SPS and get rewards in the daily airdrops, and staking DEC in your game account to get airdrops rewards too! and if you want to open your account but don't have time to play I can play the quests and some matches for you with your PK and we divide the earnings, by now I'm dedicated entirely to this game and everything what give me more incomes I wanna do it :D