Splinterlands is changing my life? yes, it is.

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How did I hear about the game?

As I have said in previous posts, I have just a few days playing Splinterlands, and every day that passes I only wonder how come I did not start playing before, and maybe you can think that with so few days in the game, it is too early to say that it is changing my life but the reality is quite the opposite, because it is doing it and a lot. After trying to make an investment that came to nothing because I didn't read the small print of the white paper of another NFT game, I was left with 12$ in my BSC account in Metamask that wasn't destined to anything specific, so I said, why don't I give Splinterlands a chance? I have been publishing content on Hive for almost a year now and I have always heard about the game, I even got to play it a couple of times, so if I was going to start on a NFT game why not do it on one that ran on the Hive blockchain? I didn't think much about it and paid for my summoner book to start playing.


What took me to play Splinterlands?

Some time ago, I got some news that I did not expect, and it was that I was going to be a father, that news was great but came with two tragedies, so to speak, and is that about three weeks after learning that my son was on the way, my computer broke down, and a few days later so did my phone, practically since January I had left my job to devote myself to Hive because in my country the work in person is very poorly paid, and that my equipment failed was quite serious and besides, with all the expenses involved in the pregnancy of my girl, saving was something I could not do, I had to resort to face to face work to pay the bills and if it had not been for the help of my dad who always supported me in every way during those dark times, I do not know what would have happened. As I could I was publishing posts on Hive from time to time, or renting a PC or borrowing one from a friend and thanks to other extra work I was doing, I could gather to buy my equipment again and return to Hive, and although now I am quite limited, that is, I publish from a computer that only has 2gb of RAM and a two-core processor, man, even Splinterlands runs quite slow in this interface, but none of that stops me, but it gives me more encouragement to want to move forward, emerge and grow with my family.


When positive changes began...

Since the problem with my equipment started, I had to start doing Power Down to help me to level the accounts, I solved my economic situation but my HP was below 200, before it was over 1000, again, Another situation that gives me encouragement to continue to strive to return to the 1000 HP I had and even more, it was then when I made the decision to start investing my money instead of just spending it, because I earned $ 1, I spent $ 1 and returned to the same place where I was before getting that dollar, and in that there is no progress. I think I had to live life in hardcore mode for thousands of factors beyond my control, but it is my decision to let life defeat me, and not me to it. After the success of Axie I started to read about these games and there I got to Splinterlands, Dcrops and Rising Star Game, I started with the first two because the investment was lower, and I was pretty decent, until I decided to open my Splinterlands account, and that's where everything really started to change.

great rewards began to be made.

Sin título 2.png

Three days after paying for my book, and having played a few games, I did this quest that I detail below and the prize for it was nothing more and nothing less than a legendary card.

The deck of cards that worked best for me to accomplish this mission was the death element cards, using these cards whenever possible and the mana allowed:

  • Zintar mortalis
    • Haunted Spirit
    • Phantasm
    • Twisted Jester
    • Skeleton Assassin
    • Haunted Spider
    • Undead Priest

Here you got an example

Sin título.png

Splinterlands making butterfly effect on my investments.

And the reward was Almo Cambio, the legendary card that I show you here, at that time it had a market value of 35$, in 3 days I tripled my initial investment playing Splinterlands, and of course I was not going to stop there. two days later I got 2000 DEC in my mission reward, approximately 14$ more, and this together with other rewards of the game have been the change that my life needed, I am investing in new projects with my family and also in Hive, recently I used part of that money for my girlfriend, @vvgm to open her own Splinterlands account and she started to play, she is learning pretty fast and it is very good because sometimes we play together and we make an awesome feedback to each other, you know, two minds think better than one, apart from that, in our daily life we have started a business together with my mother, who is a confectioner, and we are selling desserts in our town, a small business for now, but made with a lot of love and that was possible thanks to the earnings I have obtained in Splinterlands, also, the weekly publications about contests and others, that the official account @splinterlands publishes has even allowed me to create a spending plan using the rewards of the game and the publications so I can pay the bills of my house and continue investing in my projects and especially in Splinterlands.

And the best thing about all this?

The best of all this is that I am doing something that I like because I really enjoy playing so at no time have I felt bored with the battles, I love the stats and create strategies to use it with my cards, the last season I managed to reach the Tier Bronze I after spending almost a whole night playing, for this one I have more time so I hope to reach at least the silver rank in the current season, I am already very close to achieving Bronze I and I am planning the new rents to increase my power and reach the 15k needed for the Silver rank, and all in all, what keeps me most excited to continue with this game, is that I know that I'm just touching the tip of the iceberg, and I know that Splinterlands still has many surprises in store for me and my future, who knows, maybe in a few years my son will be playing and I will be his Splinterdad? LOL, let's hope so... And what are you waiting for? do you want to play Splinterlands? click here.

All images are taken from the official game website, credits to whom it may concern.

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Wow, this is the kind of post I love to see: New player, happy about earnings, posts about it on HIVE, uses cool cover image, text formatting and dividers and writes multiple interesting paragraphs. That is 100% upvote, right here, right now!

Heck yeah, i agree, some good energy about playing.

I just delegated some SPT to monster curate

WOW, it's wonderful to see your work rewarded like this, I say it's wonderful because I really enjoy sharing my content about Splinterlands, this will certainly help me a lot to raise more and more my account, thank you very much for the support, I will focus on sharing better and better content about Splinterlands on our Hive blockchain.

You did an amazing job with the post here, just wow bro. Great job! I am glad to see you sharing your splinterlands journey with us on Splintertalk.io! You will only help change Splintertalk.io for the better with your skillful post writting!

that is exactly the idea, that the platform continues to grow and improve with each new contribution, thank you very much for the support, I really appreciate it, I always put my efforts to create quality content and it is good to see the retribution of that, not only in votes but in the good comments of the people who read me :D

Great post! Such an inspiring story!

This is the stuff we enjoy hearing about the most. I look forward to seeing where you end up in 6 months or 1 year!

Believe me, I also have very high expectations about what I will achieve in this near journey of six months-one year, I am very excited to receive this kind of comments from people like you, who put a lot of effort to grow the ecosystem of Hive, any investment advice you want to give me is well received, my friend, I hope you have much success too, greetings.

It is great to hear what you have achieved playing Splinterlands. I like that game too, although do not get enough time to play it.

It's ok mate if you had to power down you hive account to meet your expenses. There are priorities and families come first. I am sure you will be able to rise up to the same hive power and even more very soon.

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If you want to contact me on Twitter and I'll tell you about some ways to get benefits without having to be 100% of the time inside the game, with Splinterlands there are many ways :D and yes, you are right, family comes first, I am very happy that now everything is going in an upward curve in my life and my family's life.

Life is full of ups and downs, it's difficult to keep up a high spirit during lows but we have no choice. You can choose to stay sad or be positive, accept and move on.

I am not very active on twitter, but are you talking about renting the cards?

Posted via proofofbrain.io

that's one of the ways, also you can hodl your SPS and get rewards in the daily airdrops, and staking DEC in your game account to get airdrops rewards too! and if you want to open your account but don't have time to play I can play the quests and some matches for you with your PK and we divide the earnings, by now I'm dedicated entirely to this game and everything what give me more incomes I wanna do it :D

Nice bro, ive been liking the game too. I like that youre rockin the chicken and the unicorn lol. I for some reason bought a gold unicorn card lol

LOL I am a faithful believer in the supremacy of the chicken! how much did that gold card cost you? I hope soon to be able to buy one for myself xD

Lol, it was kind of a random buy with $ i put into dark energy crystal. I probably should have not, i think i paid about 27 bucks. I went more off the look of it, but i dont think its quite that good of a card actually. Maybe its better with higher levels, but its pretty much just a buff for other cards. Part of my collection now though. Chicken is actually quite useful at times, at least it seems like it, i dont have 1 yet.

Keep rockin though man.

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Thanks, I'l check it out

Great to see! Splinterlands has changed my life in a lot of ways. It has done that for a lot of people and hopefully will continue to do so. Great post!!!

That's right, there are many opportunities in this game and also a great community that shares knowledge and helps each other, this is much more than just a game and I am very happy to have realized that.

You have made a great move by starting to hold Splinterlands in-game asset.

I think it's the best investment you can make for now considering there are no packages for sale, thanks to the DEC hold I'm earning very well on the airdrop, and I reinvest everything and will do so until the airdrop is over, with the rewards for writing content I pay my bills and thanks to that I focus on learning everything I can about the game and improve my skills while reinvesting my , it's a great thing.

Thank you very much

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Its great to read that you are on an upward trend in life.

I wish you the best.

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That's right my friend, you must always have optimism above all so that everything goes well, and by the way, thank you very much for your support,

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Man, the quality of your post is so amazing. Thank you for sharing your story, and for making me realize how much more the quality of my posts can improve. It inspired me a lot.

Warm wishes to you and your family!

I'm pretty sure you can do a post like this one or even better if you set your mind to it, you have the tools at hand, you just need that, inspiration, I'll be looking forward to see the good posts you'll bring us soon.

Thank you again, Myke!

Thanks for sharing! - @cieliss

Omg this is a fabulous post 🥰