[Let's Play] Minecraft Hardcore Survival #16 - Moving on...

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Hello everyone! I've shifted to streaming everyday and can't do these posts while streaming. I am very sorry, but I think it would be better if these episodes get cancelled. I am providing this as the last or maybe one or two episodes more, then I'm gonna move fully into streaming on https://vimm.com/ivangeevo.

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In this episode of Minecraft Hardcore

Episode #16 -

This episode continues from where we left the last one. I healed from the witch attack I had earlier and went around and was able to capture the guy without him noticing... I'm gonna be bringing a bucket of milk in me from now on just in case I get poisoned.


I decided to head back and while digging up I head this axolotl splashing in the water. I wanted to catch him, so It took me some time to locate where exactly he was, but I found him at last.


I quickly scooped him with the bucket and got an advancement. I'll be building a dedicated area for these guys to swim and breed ;)


A skelly with an enchanted bow surprised me out of nowhere, but I took care of him quickly.


I found a big ravine on the way back, but I had too much stuff on me and I couldn't risk dying anyways, so I just continued to dig up.


Not long after I hit the surface. It was night time and there were too many mobs around. I had trouble locating the base, because I didn't bring a compass neither I remembered the coordinates of the base...


A nice bee hive was around though. I would like to do something with these guys later on.


I had trouble finding the base, so I got on top of a tree and build a pillar to look around. Sadly I couldn't see anything but this village which is still a nice find. This means I have a village close to my base and this is very useful. I headed that way to sleep in one of their beds until daytime.




It was very intense getting to the village and I couldn't get any images, because I was constantly attacked by mobs. Finally I got into on of the houses and fall asleep on the bed.


This is it for this episode, hope you liked it.

Last episode tomorrow!



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