[Let's Play] Minecraft Hardcore Survival #14 - Fisherman Geevo ;)

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In this episode of Minecraft Hardcore I was fishing and building some stuff related to it. Hope you enjoy it.

Episode #14 - Fisherman Geevo

I made a fishing rod so I can start fishing to get more food, and (if lucky) get some enchanted books.


Then I went down to hill into the swamp to find a spot where I can fish peacefully :) I found this cave that looks interesting, but I'm gonna leave for later exploration.


I found a good fishing place and it's really close to my base. I'll make a small dock platform here and call it the fishing spot later ;)




After fishing for a little bit it was already night, so I headed back home to sleep.


On the next day, on the way to the fishing spot I killed a zombie which dropped a carrot. This will be useful to start a farm. How lucky!


I decided to start working on a staircase to the fishing place, so I dont have to climb the moutains everytime. In the next episode I will decorate it even more. For now it's doing it's purpose ;)



After another productive day I decided to take a screenshot of the base as it is of now. Just so I can recap later with all the other ones.


This is it for this episode, hope you liked it. See you in the next one.

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