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RE: Comparison Of Haaland And Mbappe- Do They Look Like Next Generation Of Messi And Ronaldo?

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With the way these guys are banging in goals regularly, I believe they have what it takes to reach such heights as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi reached.

Considering they are still quite young and have a lot ahead they are already showing glimpse of what we are to see in the future with their consistency. I so much love both players.

Halaand especially seem to be a goal scoring machine having banged in incredible number of goals for borussia under such time. Also read he made a boast of surpassing Ronaldo UCL goal records. I believe he wwill if he continues at this rate.

Indeed the Norwegian international will have to switch to a more competitive club if he intend to stand among the football greats as individual accolade alone wouldn't be all. He will need more trophies.

Kylian Mbappe who already have the FIFA World and the trophies there's to win the French league is well placed in terms of trophies. Only the UEFA champions league have eluded him in which I believe he will grab soon following the desire Paris Saint Germain have shown in recent times.

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The only way this guy can reach the height of Messi and Ronaldo is to switch to bigger club like real Madrid. If Haaland remain in Dortmond, he might not get enough accolades and the chance of winning champions league with Dortmond is very slim. I believe if both are consistence in banging goal, they might end up being great player.

Yeah. The earlier the Norwegian forward switch to an elite, the better form him as remain in the German club Dortmund will limit the number of trophies.

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