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RE: Distribution. A #1 task.

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I appreciate the way you take time curating content on 1898 number of upvotes look huge if its made manually.

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No not all are manually. Would be impossible. I'm human, not machine. Plus my top priority is still LEOFINANCE.
Every nigh my smart voting bot, following a few dozens of respectable POB curators, kicks-in with a bunch of small, 0.5-1.3% upvotes. It starts ONLY if my voting power goes above 99.5%, so I can avoid the worst thing I could do to myself as curator - keep voting power idling at 100.00%

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Please is it possible that I connect my wife's curating account to your voting bot and follow your voting on Proof of brain?

Also, do you have something for Leofinance that I can connect my Leo curating account to? I tried using "" application and it didn't work.

I have no idea why it not worked for you

Following somebody with curation votes is a completely permissionless thing. You do not need anyone's permission or approval. Nor I have any tools or means to disallow, or disapprove.
I have never asked anyone, nor encouraged anyone to follow my curation votes.
I don't need this at all.
At the same time - it is OK for me, if somebody decides to follow my votes.

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Well said

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I have never asked anyone, nor encouraged anyone to follow my curation votes.

You and me both. What can I do to stop them? Stop voting, posting, commenting?

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I think it's the same like asking someone to not vote or to vote for someone. I remember being included in a post you wrote about upvoting me. But, I can't be blamed for creating quality content and for the time I spent here and for the value I braught and kept bringing. We are all here in the same ship and we should care about it to not sink.

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You and me both. What can I do to stop them? Stop voting, posting, commenting?

IF (for certain reasons) I would be capable to cast out only 31 votes in seven days, and at the same time see that my following trail has grown to 15(!) times bigger than my own stake - I think at least I would put a word out, asking those followers, that they should find a more healthy way to use their big stakes.

I would like to see, if anyone here will dare to call these numbers (174K vs 35 vs 31) a "healthy distribution"

Why? I didn't ask them to join my vote trail, and they're responsible for their own stake are they not?

You can't ask people to use their brains in one breath and then assume they don't need to in another. We can go round and round all day @onealfa, the reality is that the community needs better curation efforts for the size that it has become.

Check the past 7 days now, it'll be even less. I've already said how loose your statistics are.

Now if you want to see something funny, check this out...


my post


@amr008's post

Like I said, we can go round and round all day long. I have better things to do.

Oh sorry for the miscommunication, I'm not asking for your permission, I'm doing it willingly and out of my own personal interest.

I like your curation pattern and will like to copy it for personal reason. I was just saying that I've tried following your curation pattern on a different hive application but it didn't work Andi don't know why.

Don't worry about it, sorry about the inconvenience.

on you can follow anyone even if there isn't a curation trail. Just type in their name under curation trails and find them, then follow. It will say "they aren't a curation trail would you like to follow anyway" and you hit follow.

As far as I know this should work because I did that recently with following something on another account.

With Hive.Vote, small-percentage votes don't process unless you have a large amount of HP staked.

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No doubt Leofinance is a cool project.