What Does Pob's Rich List Really Tell Us?

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I had the opportunity to join the rich list twice, and I must say that it didn't make much difference to me, but it made me reflect on the following question: How many people on this list really help the POB community to develop?

Because, honestly, what's the point of buying a lot of POBs or making a lot of stakes if you distribute them minimally? If you don't do a single contest or if your curatorship is poor?

How many people on this rich list are doing something for the POB and not just for themselves?
Sorry if the questions sound a bit harsh… But I can count on my hands the people who have already created and are actively creating possibilities due to their voting power.

It's my invitation to the rich list, do something meaningful with the voting power you have, create contests, make a curatorship of respect or Pob will stop making sense.

To me, the rich list just means that a lot of people can do something about the spread of Proof of Brain, but they just don't.


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I have recently started publishing posts here regularly and I am powering up everything I earn.

I am not on the rich list but I am trying to spend more time here on POB and interact with as many people as I can.

As of now I have limited time so I do not do my own curation but I have delegated my stake and I guess the Bro team is doing good.

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Sometimes, that's all you can do. And many times, that's enough. If feels like people are still waiting to see what's going on. You can almost feel it with the tones of each article speaking about tribe governance or life in general.

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You've made quite the interesting observation.

Some people want to invest their funds, time, or both towards an investment. What I see in the rich list of any community is a level of commitment they have towards the token. This type of list could help someone gauge whether or not to make their own financial commitment.

The rich list, in no way, is a measure of activity on the platform. I don't think it can ever be as most of the work involved with community development will be behind the scenes. I equate it to being similar to construction. You'll never see the planning, development, reviews or any of the thousands of hours of activity that goes into the project before people see it.

If the work is significant enough, then it will enter your view screen of your mind. Until then, it will remain essentially invisible to the surrounding world.

@scholaris' point of view makes sense. Since POB's success in the price issue at the beginning of everything here was because of the whales. They decided to invest and buy tokens. The more tokens we have in Stake and the less available for purchase, the better the purchase offer.

Now going to your point of view there are also those people who are benefiting from the votes and earning a lot of tokens and accumulating, who didn't really invest, just collecting. In the end, many have great values ​​but are not "distributing" as it would be nice in terms of curation that I always commented here.

But there are some projects going on from some whales like POB Street, POB Talk.

And some curated tracks. Mine for example I have managed to cure up to 30 accounts a day, thanks to some followers. @scholaris also has an interesting voting and commenting track.

A few days ago I made a post Who can create something for POB? - Proposals, asking people with skills, who are willing to create use cases for token POB to manifest... Unfortunately no one.

Also, in my last post on Ranking BR, I posted about the project @wiseagent started and which has my support. It is a test restricted to Brazilians, but for logistical reasons, but if it works out, it can be applied to several places.

I also posted there about the products that I will list on the HIVE LIST to be purchased with POB, I spoke to @thomashnblum about the shirts and he is also super interested to accept POB.

Unfortunately, it still had little repercussion there =\

By the way @scholaris, if you can then take a look at these ideas that we're trying to bring up to move the POB token and give your opinion, it will be very important.

I'll take a look at the ideas over the next week. I also know what @aiuna and others like @insight.pob are looking for in the community.


The POB community was started by @proofofbrainio. And to my knowledge, he began it alone. The initial drive was there, but the resources were not. His initial efforts drew in the crowd and support. A community was born.

I'll address this in a post I'm writing. Long story short: slow and steady wins the race. It's better to build a solid foundation than to rush in a FOMO event that can crumble when FUD catches up.

FOMO-FUD events always occur.

It's my interpretation of the community's progress since its inception on February 28, 2021. My goal is stability within the community first. It's good to build a relationship with the Hive community and to demonstrate to ourselves that we can manage ourselves.

Have you read @insight.pob's recent post commentary? I discussed a roadmap I developed earlier this year. It's due for an update in the next couple of weeks.

Response to insight.pob article

I did read it! when i was going to sleep

My days have been hectic. Only now will I be able to respond calmly.

And I'll do it now for both ^^

I'm glad you understood @sholaris, but I'd like to make it even clearer: I'm not charging people who already do something for the community, like you, like Cal, who although absent, has also done a lot, nor people who play his projects even though they don't have that much power. I'm charging people who have a lot of power but don't use it for the benefit of the community, if they did, we would be moving faster.

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I also need to apologize for the lack of communication. I've got a lot going on included a thesis I have to defend in school this semester on top of other stuff.

In terms of project development, I need to make sure I have the time to write everything up properly. You can't rush this kind of communication.

Do not worry.

That's when you have a real time ^^

I'm running my time around here too

Without a doubt, @hranhuk there are projects in progress. I didn't mention them because the projects that exist are so few that everyone knows what they are. Everyone knows Pob Talk, everyone knows the word of the week contest now run by @scholaris, everyone knows the photography contest, and #pac is still on its way, but a good portion of people do too, Everyone knows that @onealfa doles out good votes, but how many did like him? The point is: it's still not much. Who else can do something for the community to develop doesn't do it.

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I don't know if @amr008 ever finished his performance reporting for POB whales in the community, but I found his work to be fascinating. In terms of engagement, at least, he showed that whales did indeed actively curate on the platform.

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I would love to see this data.

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I will post about this ASAP

Hey, thanks for that amr. I hope things are well with you and yours.

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Wanted to give yo a quick thank you for the "Hive Earnings Stats" It is a very useful tool :-)


That's why I say I agree with your view

Looks like I hit a sore spot. Almost no one voted for the post, including you.

I understand what you said, and it makes a lot of sense. But how long has nothing new happened in POB? I am very grateful this platform and @proofofbrainio. I have no doubt that he has a very busy real life so he can't be here... But there are many other people on that list who could do more with the power they have but don't, and that's the point I wanted to make people to reflect and question. Of course, each one does what they want with their investments... But I had never seen anyone question this before, I thought it was pertinent to poke the whales that haven't raised any projects yet.

Yes, I would like to see more active people! More contests happening for everyone's benefit, more projects are being discussed. And obviously the people with the most voting power are the ones with the best chances of making positive changes happen.

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I voted for the post when I read it on the account I was using at the time. I don't whether or not you hit a sore spot. I think you're addressing something every community does. Of course, this is an assumption and I'm not looking at every community.

Wonderful and very nice and quality thoughts you had roaming in your mind to come and put this down here, because come to think of it, You hardly ever see someone come out to speak about something that could make an impact like this.

I admire your courage to do this, Well said. 👏🏻

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I think what might also be somewhat significant is comparing the "richlist" to the "staked" list. Pretty much anyone can buy a bunch of tokens with the intention of flipping them the next time there's a price spike... for me at least, it says more whether someone has staked their tokens... there's a greater level of commitment there.


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