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RE: 16 Year Old Boy Has a Heart Attack After Pfizer Vaccine

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Phil you've just taken me into a rabbit hole man. I was enjoying watching TV but now am here researching shit! LOL

Good one.

Here is a link that I found interesting.

I have of the opinion that if we get vaccinated and then that vaccination shot doesn't last it would mean to me that there is no permanent changes to our DNA, which is a bummer because I was hoping to be Wolverine by the end of the year, and on my booster shot next year be Cyclops.


Wtf get a refund and ask the doctor he he is into a pyramid scheme?

Tell him if he had shilled his fake vax on Hive at least we all could have curated together, but no go ask the government to make a health act and terrify everyone instead of fun curation time.

I found CRISPR in 2016, through this video.

Funny enough u was comparing bitcoin to other breakout technology trends to see if I could find any similar patterns.

Stem cells and Crispr gene editing companies had a somewhat similar start to their public evaluation as to Bitcoin not a great comparison that I would bet on though.

Yeah those fuckers need to give me a refund.

Yeah I've read and heard about CRISPR too, my initial thought on covid when it first came out was. Dang the Chinese have inadvertently released their plan to make themselves geniuses to the rear of the world but alas that was not the case. It was the stupidiser virus that got it, hence why there are now lots of idiots everywhere.
Ultimate theory is now they are just bombarding is with to much crap that we are all getting confused what is real and what isn't.

And to top it off the X gene is not to be... Heck of it's the zombie alternative at least now I can finally use my katana and chain saw that I've prepared for plus my bug out place is already established.

I even have a supply of spares wood to cover up my house. My family always asks why I keep picking up people's wooden scraps.

But yeah still hoping for that wolverine effect.

From what Dr. Malone said, if you don't keep taking boosters most of the stuff should leave your body within 6 months.

Booster Gold.