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I used to love that show!

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I was faced with some hard truth today and have been setting some new goals as of late. Don't worry, I will get to the Fraggles.

Hard Truth!

I am a framing carpenter in the world of making money. It is great when the weather is great, but it is hard work, every day. For the past 6 months, there has been a lot of negativity and a lot of people in my work circle dealing with poverty and the effects of poverty. There is good money in framing, but the cost of living mixed with debt can be enough to break people. I have been getting by, but there are people in my company that are having a hard time.

The reality is that the cost of living is high and climbing fast. The builder we work for pretended to give us a raise, but in essence is just back-charging us more. It is time to go.

I'm not sure if it is time to move from the builder or move from the trade. Something needs to change. That is the hard truth I have been looking at.

New Goals

I have been setting some new goals, they are not modest and they are not going to happen tomorrow. I do feel that in the next 2-4 years that I could live off of crypto. My brother in law is living off of crypto right now (due to the absolute bullishness of the entire market). He stays home, makes trades and is able to come up with enough of a monthly salary. I like the idea, but I cannot stand the idea of selling crypto into fiat in 2021. I am one who wants to wait for the top. My brother called the top to the day in 2017. Had I sold when he texted me "bye bye bitcoin", I would be telling you a different story. I was sold on hodl strategy and it bit me.

There is a time to hodl and a time to exit.

I am in an accumulation phase with Hive, LEO, Proof of Brain and CUB. I don't see myself selling these things (I might take a bit of profit to buy back in later). I am long term bullish on this ecosystem. I think we are still seen as another "shitcoin" that gets pumped and dumped by market players, but in the coming months or years, Hive is going to get recognized and it will find its rightful place in the crypto-sphere. Web 3.0 is now.

Getting serious about contributing to POB and having so much fun doing so got my wheels spinning on what I would like to be doing with myself. I have always wanted to write, create, build community and bring about positive change in a world that so desperately needs it. I see this as a no-brainer (while still proving that I have a brain). I should be building a stake and taking this blockchain more seriously as I see my future career jump starting on this blockchain.

Road bumps

There is a bear market coming. I think it is 6 -12 months away, but it is lurking, and it is bringing life changing circumstances. The bull market promises life changing money to people who play their hand decently. The bear market is a cruel punishment to those that don't. Believe me, I have been through this cycle.

There will be many people who will write about how they have quit their job and are full time Hivers. This is great and it is my goal. I do warn you that the bears will come for you and they will come to take your job away too... so be ready! This means that you need heavy bags and a backup plan. If you can earn a living on Hive, awesome. If in a year, you cannot anymore... be ready to find another hustle.


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I don't see me making it to full time this year. This is a year of accumulation for me. This is a year of making good moves and building up my crypto portfolio. Proof of Brain, Leo, Cub and Hive at the forefront. (and likely a few more to be airdropped soon - I love LEO). This is a year of taking my writing serious and my involvement on this blockchain serious. We steer this ship together.

I feel that with a few years of hard work and with the 5 years I have on this blockchain that I should be able to get to where I am going. Destination, full time blockchain.

The problem with living off of crypto

If you are living off of crypto, you are always cutting into your bags, so you need to have heavy bags. This is my goal, heavy bags first, live off of crypto later. Orca status is a long ways away, but I will need to get there

OK, what about the Fraggles?!

For those of you that are not familiar with the Fraggle Rock tv show from the 1980's, I am sorry. Life may be complete for you someday, namely after watching some Fraggles. (if you are not familiar with Fraggles, feel free to skip down a bit)

Here is where I am going with this. The Fraggles, used to explore caves, go on adventures, solve mysteries and do all sorts of crazy things. They would sometimes run into the Doozers...

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It seemed like all these Doozers did was work. They worked and worked and worked. They never did anything else.

I turned into a Doozer!?

Yes, it would appear that over the past bunch of years, I have turned into a Doozer. Working and working and working with no end in sight. I have caves to explore, adventures to go on, post cards to read from my Uncle Travelling Matt!!!

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How do I get back to Fraggle Rock? Writing. Playing the crypto game well. Taking the Hive blockchain and its growing network seriously, and most of all, taking myself seriously.

Being a Doozer doesn't pay enough to quit being a doozer. You got to find your inner Fraggle to quit being a doozer. Truth!

OK, enough about Fraggles

For those that couldn't decipher what I was writing up there. I have been working hard. Hard work doesn't pay me enough to get out of the hard work. The wage I would get elsewhere would be less, so I am trapped working hard just scraping by (less) like everyone else.

There is an escape plan and I am serious about it. It is to get to work here on the blockchain. I need heavy bags and a far better reputation than what I currently have on this blockchain. So, I am stating my goals out loud to make them more real. I will find my success and where I fit in and in a few short years I will be ready to take the leap into full time blockchain (part time carpenter - I'm talking "Ya, I could build your deck for you...")


We all get swept away at some point. Bills pile up, life happens and we need to pay to live it. I'm ok with the working life but I can see how blockchain can really turn the tide in this world and for individuals. There is a revolution happening and I need to be a part of it.

I am not trying to get rich and be another lump of turd. I am here to usher in a new age where the shackles placed upon us from corrupt systems of government and finance will be forced to break under the force of blockchain. I intend to be a full time blockchain warrior in the next few years... I am just getting started.

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I loved the way you were able to infuse the fraggle into your post and use it to make an awesome analysis...I learnt so many things via your post...@allcapsonezero

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I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!

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interesting writing....had to read it while singing the theme tune....

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Ya, the theme song was great!

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