POB staking details - 28th March to 3rd April .

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Good morning to everyone .Yesterday I was tagged by @interpretation and @gimmetricks1 who asked me if I could post the POB staking details for each week as I do for SPORTS token .

I checked with @proofofbrainio and he was also interested in getting this data so I will post every Sunday the top 25 stakers .

@proofofbrainio and others will upvote them itseems .

This is a win -win for both stakers as well as community since it reduces liquid supply .

So I just retrieved the data for the past week -


This contains staking POB data from 28th March to 3rd April . ( Sunday to Saturday)

Data related to POB staking

How many times did people stake in the past week ?

  • 782 times

How many unique users staked POB?

  • 226 users

Total POB staked during this period

  • 51660.297 POB

Mean POB staked at once

  • 66.06 POB

Top 25 stakers


So @proofofbrainio here is the data you needed.

You can just click on the username , go to their account and upvote :)

Note: All the rewards from this post will go directly to Engagement Project .

If you find any mistakes , let me know , I will fix it :)


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It would be rather easy for those who are named here to comment so that others can vote. and the engagement of your project as well.

@teapassion agree with your suggestion. It becomes very easy to upvote those who post their comments here after their names are seen in the list of stakeholders involved in powering up. I have already upvoted you, @calumam, @oldmans,@marvinix @regenerette here in the below posts.

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I agree , let's see if they come over here and see it . If they don't let's plan something else next week .

A lot of people are stacking this token, which is really good for the tribe.
A big thanks to all who staked such big amounts and to @amr008.pob for compiling the data too.

!giphy thanks

No problem @harpreetjanda :) My pleasure .

Good job with the data @amr008, it's nice to see how everyone is progressing with their stakes. Looking forward to your update next week.

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Thanks buddy . Will post it every Sunday without miss :p

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Just seeing this after a very busy and rough day. Thanks for the mention. Happy to be on the list.

Hopefully we’ll keep seeing the stats every Sunday like you said, I know you must have a lot of stuffs to do.

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Yes marvinix , I will find sometime since it is on Sunday and post it :)

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That’s so kind of you buddy☺️.

Keep up the good work. Can’t thank you enough 💙

Good job to everyone staking, posting, and curating! Thank you for this report and I look forward to seeing it weekly.

BTW,Just got done reading @amr006's weekly engagement project report, link . POB APR is through the roof and I am hoping to delegate a little more to that effort. Check it out if you have some extra POB laying around to delegate. ;)

Thank you so much for the link, @oldmans!

You are very welcome!

I'm sure the APR will start to drop as more people delegate but it is still a very worthy project that helps encourage engagement. :)

I haven't delegated yet. I might wait for my POBs to unstake or delegate more each week...I'll see

Thank you for the tip @oldmans :) Really appreciate it .

Thank you for this report and I look forward to seeing it weekly.

Will definitely continue posting every week on Sunday . Will try to add more data if possible .

You are welcome! Just a small gesture for all you do for us here.

More data is always better. ;)

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You are kind :) Happy to provide the data .

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@amr008 thank you for posting this. It is really a good insight and shows who is powering up the coins. Hope to see this again on next sunday.

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Don't mention :) Happy to do this , I see good community support for POB so this is the least I can do .

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Great idea and thank you for doing this for us, @amr008.pob and @proofofbrainio
Have an excellent Sunday!

You too @regenerette :)

Don't mention , it is my pleasure .

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There I am. I'm still powering up.

I'm not on that list yet, but I'll do my best to be there from now on!
Thank you for all the hard work on doing these reports. It helps a lot in so many ways!
And as soon as I have a good amount staked, I'll delegate to your project for sure.
Thanks again @amr008.pob! Keep shining!

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interesting data, i am still in need to get some more PoB.

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Glad to have made it onto that list, and intend to do so weekly going forwards! Thank you.

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