POB staking details - 9th May to 15th May - @onealfa leading the charts this week once again .

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Good morning to everyone . I had announced previously that I will post data every Sunday regarding staking POB.

@proofofbrainio and others will upvote them itseems .

This is a win -win for both stakers as well as community since it reduces liquid supply .

So I just retrieved the data for the past week -


This contains staking POB data from 9th May to 15th May. ( Sunday to Saturday)

Data related to POB staking

How many times did people stake in the past week ?

  • 1837 ( last week = 1710 times)

Number of times POB was staked .png

How many unique users staked POB?

  • 450 (last week = 440 users)

Number of unique users who staked POB.png

Total POB staked during this period

  • 40959.06186406 POB (last week = 41540.83 POB )

Total POB staked(1).png

Mean POB staked at once

  • 22.29 POB ( last week = 24.29 POB )

Average POB staked at once.png

Top 25 stakers


Amount vs. Account(2).png

@onealfa.pob is just leading by a large margin once again .

So @proofofbrainio here is the data you needed.

You can just click on the username , go to their account and upvote :)

Note: All the rewards from this post will go directly to Engagement Project .

If you find any mistakes , let me know , I will fix it :)


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Nice...just made the top 25! Good to see the amount of unique stakers going up as well. I think this week will see even more now that word about the community is getting out.

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I agree @charcoalbuffet . From the time I started posting these stats , the number of users have kept on growing which is a great news .

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I'd even say posts (LIKE YOURS) really help those stats ;) imho
it can just in black and white facts show in a concise and easy to understand manner (very appreciated because many new users), confidence levels etc. Seeing who is staking and perhaps more importantly who is not staking or involved can nudge hesitant investors (cough). I'm staking while keeping some liquid and also am liking that not everyone is so incredibly money motivated. imho , it's important to have a blend of a lot of types for a community to be successful, the ones I see fail is where it's all about money or completely not about money. ....just an observation
thank you again for your work and for supporting mine ;)

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Nice.! 😃

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you have a little wiener

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what ???

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Ignore him lol .

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great lot of people are staking I am staking to but not mush

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Nice charts. great to see the number of people staking increased compared to last week

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another solid proof of brainer post, Do you ever do some that are non biz side? .....like who comments the most or who gets the most comments or who curses the most? just kidding, like keeping up with these posts so thanks for making them

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Lol will you like that ? I can definitely do something like that . I like doing sentiment analysis :)

Let me know if you like to see it , maybe I will take it up .

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I would lol, don't know about others but think it would be interesting of course some data would be skewed because of comment farming problem of a comment of a dot left and that's all but lulz, it would be fun maybe? ;) thanks for the work u do

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