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RE: It's Time To Practice What I Preach

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I never quite understood the lure of Medium. Years ago I researched and choose between Steem or Medium and Steem won me over.

A big thing that really irked me was that readers on medium generally needed to pay to read blogs. As Medium grew in popularity, my jaw fell in shock. Still, I believe that there are great limitations due to that set up.

Do you think of Dapplr like Instagram? I know there’s filters but I Hadn’t thought about it as a IG alternative.

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There is a distinct need for an instagram-like app on hive. Back in the Steem days, we had steepshot, but that project fell apart when the devs abandoned it. Damn shame, too, it was a solid app!

I mean, it's the closest thing we have. But yeah there was Steepshot and even Appics. So the tech is there to build one...I think it would be a very powerful tool on Hive.

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