Sometimes, put yourself in the other's shoes "

The art of demanding that others do what you yourself would not do at all... Have you ever stopped to think how many times you see something and say if I were such a person I would do this or that, when in fact not even you would do what is talking.


We already know that it's much easier to say it than to comply with everything we've said, it's even worse when the other demands you to do something that he wouldn't do himself, and he doesn't even do it... that's the rule shitter... . wants the other to accept the rules, but if he had in place he wouldn't accept being someone shaped by rules without any foundation.

Who wants to do it, don't make an excuse

The talker guy... knows all about how to solve the problems of other people's lives but he even makes excuses for what he does, and he still wants to go over the rules by saying why he does it, but he sees clearly what the other does wrong and still leaves wanting the other to be bad... hypocrite.

He knows everything, sees everything... he is intolerant of others, but things are different with him.

Did you know that empathy is the most powerfully disturbing force in the world? It's only really behind love.

But what is empathy after all?

One thing is certain... it takes empathy to learn that there is no one only absolute truth, that everything depends on the point of view of each person who sees it. The only truth that is true is your truth but only for you, the truth of the other is of the other, just respect that.

No empathy, no intolerance "

It is necessary to try to understand what the other feels, what the other has problems that are different from yours, because each one has its story, its dilemmas, its fears and anxieties... you are not the one in the other's shoes. Be careful in judging the person without knowing why he acts in such a way and that at that moment you don't agree.

Unfortunately, humanity is far from trying to understand what the person feels, we are often far from putting ourselves in our neighbor's shoes. We are far from the ideal of having compassion and empathy for others.

Seek to be sensitive➴

At least try to understand and understand other people's emotions and feelings... Have empathy, put yourself in the other's shoes too.

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We don't have to be so bossy in life and take laws in to our hands and intemidate others because we are opportune to be where we are at that point.

People have to know that this live turns around and the same way you treat someone is the same way you'll be treated when things turn around.

We all have to learn how to be considerate on life and stoop low no matter what to understand what others around us is going through,we shouldn't be to quick to judge other rather we can learn to ask questions.

If only we have empathy left in us live won't be so difficult as it is now, government would have understand what the citizens are going through and do there best to Carter for the welfare of the people they are governing instead of feeding there self interest.

We also have to learn to be open to other and not being hypocrite behind.
Thank you for this wonderful teaching, I always find your post interesting.

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Your words say it all... unfortunately our thoughts change as it goes over our heads, we think about helping others when we are in the same situations as others, but if we evolve, so we don't want to help anyone and we become selfish to such a point of not helping anyone.

That's the sad reality unfortunately... Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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You're welcome, and your also right with you said though what you have to know is individual are not the same and characters you have to know not everyone is the same as you thought and most can actually stoop low to help others.

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Thank you !

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Thank you !

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Interesting read. Yeah I believe if everyone consider how the other person feels in many things, the world will become a better. This days people only care about themselves and what they could benefit from another.

Many at times we blame people for doing certain things and when infact will likely commit similar when in the same position. Sometimes we need to relate with people on an emotional level to clearly understand what they are going through.

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Yes... maybe people lack empathy, stop thinking about ourselves and try to see the other person's side.

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Wow, what a beautiful post. You are killing it dear. Very well said, Empathy is the true word for it. Its what that makes us humane. It's so important to be understanding and viewing from others point of view. We mostly blame and criticize others but that is easy to say than being in the same spot. Never judge people too quickly and on their outward appearance. Have Empathy and Compassion. 😊🙏


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Thanks ! If we have empathy and compassion for our neighbors, we will be giving an advance pass. Our life is made up of phases, and whether we like it or not we only start to understand the other side when we ourselves go through some kind of situation that makes us uncomfortable.

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This is just really good to see and I must say you have really done well in putting together a very good contest like this,most especially in a time like this .

Many people are times don't really want to think about how other people feel,let me come from a different angle,like they believe everyone should be able to do what they're doing or even get to the level they got to, without considering the circumstances or situation that surrounds that person life.

It is not a crime to actually try and set target for other person or have a particular aim towards what others should do or become,but it becomes a crime when you try to force things on them ,like it is a must they do it.

Am not trying to be holy here or trying to justify one side and leaving the other side behind ,but to me on most occasion people that think without considering a the other party situation or conditions are the selfish type of people and most importantly such people tend to fail if they are in the same situation with the person they are pushing.

So it is very important that in all we do considering other people around us is very vital and most especially looking at life from Thier own perspective too can at times helps out thinking and maybe with that we can helps each other in achieving a better results aim at.

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Exactly, sometimes we judge too much without knowing anything about the other, and we turn our backs, not even wanting to help those in need. Maybe it's time to review our concepts and try to be a little better for our neighbors.

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