POB Question Of The Week #2 🧠

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Hello Brainies,

My mind is blown by how many of you participated in the very first POB Question Of The Week!
A whopping 44 people!

Question Of The Week.png

The rewards were 102.65864125 POB.

Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 21.04.15.png

A very special mention goes to @calumam who has so kindly sponsored the QOTW with 50 POB every week. Such a good egg!

Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 21.55.09.png

So the total amount of POB to be divided among everyone who participated is :

102.65864125 + 50 = 152.65864125 POB!!!

I have sent the POB to everyone which came to 3.46951457 per person!

It was very time intensive to send POB to so many people so if anyone has any good ideas how I can make that go faster, hit me up!!!

If you received the POB and feel like you just participated for a good cause, I can highly recommend you donate it.
Donate it to your favourite author on here or your favourite project!

A little side note!
Two people commented twice so I just regarded that as one time each.
And secondly there was a spammer who had commented so I disqualified them too.

On another note, I totally thought that my portion of the rewards would power up but alas it didn't. (Silly silly me! But no bother! I of course am doing as promised as will share all of the rewards with you all!) I need to remember that POB works a bit differently than Hive.The QOTW of the week is for the community!


The second POB question of the week is :

What is your favourite food?


Answer in the comments!

Extra bonus points for sharing photos of food you made yourself or ate somewhere!


What Is POB Question Of The Week?

Every week on Wednesday I will pose a question which you can answer in the comments. The liquid rewards from the post will be evenly split and distributed to everyone who answers the question in the comments.
So you have until the payout of the post to reply!
Super fun right?

Payout will happen on Wednesay or Thursday of every week depending on how busy I am at the time!

A nice and easy way to get to know the members of our tribe don’t you think?

You only get a slice of the rewards by answering the question in a comment.
If you have a low reputation or have low ratings, you will not be entitled to the distribution of POB

Looking forward to seeing your responses in the comments!

Over and out,


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Drop a message to @AMR (@amr008) on discord, he can help out with the mass transfers, he's a whiz at that stuff and offered to help me with the same thing last week.

Great job with the contest, wonderful to see the response from the community. Count on me for repeated sponsorship.

Just did!
Thanks Cal.
You are really doing good work for the community. :)

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Who says no to prawn vegetables sauce with plantain? It's top notch. Food naturally get me dancing but with this I shake 😂 dont blame me,am a breastfeeding mom.

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Sounds aaaamaaaazing!

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Ah, boiled plantain and prawns! Yum, yum! I like 😀

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As for fast food its clearly Pizza everybody know what it is .

and as for homemade food its Biryani (Traditional South asian dish consist of Chicken with rice )
Available in multiple flavours aswell

I love love love love biryani!!
This looks like a photo from some website somewhere. Do you have a photo of your own? Of a biryani you ate lately?

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I originally wouldn't want to slize your reward, as i'll allow others to participate I just feel the question was so temptating, since im generally a foodie myself, nevertheless i'll just go ahead to show you my favourite food, its an african, Nigerian dish, its rice and stew with plantain, meat on it and a slice of vegetable as well. Well spiced with tomatoes and the right chilli. This picture was taken and owned by me, I had just finished preparing the food.


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Oooh that sounds lovely!! If you don't want the rewards, you can always donate them to whoever you want or whatever project on POB! :)

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Yeah, guess i'll look out for someone staking, then donate the reward to them. 😁

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As for me, a lover of all kind of food. At times I get confused, you know when you actually think this food is your best type of food and then you taste another food probably prepared by a pro, and you’re forced to renounce the first food.

I would say as long has it tastes nice, I would enjoy it like it is my best.

But let me share with you my native food.
Pounded yam and egunsi (melon) soup.

In my native land, pounded yam and egunsi is considered to be a food of honor. It is mostly prepared when a guest of honor visits ones home or graces ones occasion.

Pounded yam as it name implies is made out of pounding cooked yam.

If you ever have the opportunity to try this out someday, I bet it with you that it’s worth trying.

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Looks amazing!! You say native food, but which country is it?

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Oh this is easy deffo !PIZZA it is versatile and tastes great! You can eat it cold and is easy to get vegetarian. It has all food groups represented. I love mine with capers olives and onion! I once had a brussel sprout pizza….don’t do it!

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@ashleykalila! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @stickupboys.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (3/20)

Hmmmmm I love brussel sprouts. Haha. Never had it on pizza before though. Have you ever had potato on pizza?

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no i haven't I would not recommend sprouts on pizza...all wrong!

My favourite food is an African meal called "Massa", it is made with maize and can be eaten with vegetables soup. Sometimes it can be prepared with sugar added to it and eaten with grinded pepper or with no soup.


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My favourite food is boiled yam and egg sauce

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Do you have a photo??? :)

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I would prefer to snap the picture of the food and upload it instead of taking it from the internet,or should i take it from the internet and post it??

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Yes! Take your own photo :)

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I have to say Vitelli tomato and guess what we just went to dinner for the first time in 9 months. It was a treat. I love Vitelli because of the combo meat sauce and kappertjes.
And Ofcourse I made pictures for a blog so I will share mine here
![68D8C83E-72C8-4FA4-A566-D163740D3772.jpeg](UPLOAD FAILED)


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Looks great!!! Which restaurant did you go to?

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We went to a eetcafe in Gouda

This is a raw melon soup which am about to prepare right now ,with meat,roasted fish and cow skin,it goes with any kind of swallow in Nigeria


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Woah, cool! How was your meal?

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My favorite food will always be pounded yam

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Do you have a photo?

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I never receive any PoB and am one of those who drop comment last week

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Yes you did! Check your wallet!!

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Beans and bread

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Looks yum!

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Spaghetti does it for me. I could eat this everyday especially when it's paired with plantains, the absolute best😍


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Oh wow, I've never heard of spaghetti with plantains. Do you maybe have a recipe?

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Oh it's quite easy. Once you're done making the spaghetti. Take your raw plantain, dice or slice whichever you prefer and then add a little salt, fry till it's ebony brown - you have to be careful though, leaving it any second after it's ebony brown could result in it getting burnt.

Then you eat it with the spaghetti 🤭

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In the meantime, thank you very much for the reward For the first installment of the QOTW 😊

I am Italian and what we love most are pasta and pizza, I love them both but while I usually eat pasta several times a week, pizza is a rarer whim.


Last night, for example, I ate pizza topped with salt, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, rocket and flaky cheese.

The pizza has a thin dough but there is also the version with double dough, also called Neapolitan, for those with a lot of appetite.

Enjoy your meal 😊

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No problem! :) I like spreading the POB! hihi

Looks looooovely!!!!! But you didn't tell me what your favourite food is?? :) :)

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is.... pizza!!! lol

Burgers, without a doubt this is something I can't get enough of, but what I enjoy just as much, is being able to prepare them at home and make those monster burgers and eat them non-stop.

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Cool. I can't see your photo though. Try again?

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This is my picture of a night of 100% homemade burgers, I love them! It's weird that the page didn't load.


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Personally I love cooking and I will quite often learn new dishes and most recently I learned how to cook chateaubriand steak which is a lovely way to cook a rib eye fillet.

Running through the comments section shows me there are a few new meals I also need to learn. Yummie!

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On a scale of 0 - 10, how tasty was this steak?

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Hmmmm... My girlfriend would be laughing so hard whenever she sees this question because she knows that l don't have any Favourite food 😬. Unbelievable, right? 😂

Loll... I just haven't seen any favourite but l hope to get one when l travel to Korea. That's, if l ever get there.

But then, l need to present something, right? Well, let's give it to this home made Noodles 😋


I did the job in the kitchen.
Nice Initiative you've got here.
Well Done

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You don't have a favourite food? How is that possible?? hahahah

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Hahaha... It's very very very possible and l'm always having a good laugh whenever the question comes up.

Here is the thing, l don't have a favorite color, no favourite food, no favourite writing style 😂, I don't also have a favourite flower. In fact, I don't even fancy flowers 😂.

You're probably thinking, who is this boring guy? Lol... I can be alot of things, just not boring.

BTW, the image l shared has a well made meal. We call it indomie here but is globally recognised as noodles.

Have Fun

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My favorite food is noodle.
The below pictures is the Vietnamese noodles cooked by my wife during the quarantine time.
Where is the noodle? It's covered by carrot and meat :)
Hu tieu.jpg

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My favorite food is poached eggs, mashed potatoes and mustard sauce. That dish is direct from heaven. 😅
Can't find a picture of my own cook - you have to take the picture of ChefKoch.de.

My favourite food is kidney beans and rice. It gets made every sunday, I'll post a pic.

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My favorite food is chicken cutlets. I fell in love with them since childhood, because my mother cooked the most delicious cutlets in the world)


I love eating Fast Food Today at 2 am after midnight I'm eating pizza with Coca Cola I really love the taste of pizza


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What is your favourite food?

I'm looking at mouth-watering meals here..yum!

For me, any well cooked, tasty meal will do. I don't have a favourite meal. I made spaghetti which I love and here it is! 😁


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my favorite food is lasagna. i prepare it different ways both vegetarian and with meat. for sauce i use mostly tomato based sauce but sometimes also bechamel. they are all good. and for dessert tiramisu my own way.
since i just now found qotw this is a last minute post and i don't have time to add any photos but i will be following closely and come back stronger on the next qotw.

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My favorite food is pasta. I'd share a photo of my latest dish but because it was so tasty the only image I would be able to share is a messy but empty plate.

Thanks for the contest !BEER.

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