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In 2003, Jiffy Lube was the focus of a KNBC investigative report that alleged that Jiffy Lube was charging customers for services not performed. wikipedia source


How dare they tarnish the word jiffy in such a way.


image courtesy - Deon Black

No idea why they're applying hand sanitiser to that banana; it's going to be a real pain trying to peel the skin off.

Why jiffy lube, you so curiously ask?

Well, I was looking for a jiffum before, and I stumbled onto somebodies profile that intrigued me. I've started to look into the uploaders more on Unsplash, Pixabay, Jiphy etc. whenever I see something that I like the style of (it usually brings excellent results).

For example, below is the link to a profile on Pixabay that I recently discovered (I found the astronaut image there, which I used for my posts graphic yesterday).

Pixabay Profile

The images on that profile are something else. Bizarre, different, unique, plus there are plenty of them to browse. A treasure trove of weirdness.


But seriously, why jiffy lube?

Everyone knows that jiffles are the spice of life. It's undeniable.

I'm going to share some below that I've found on Amanda Bonaiuto's jiphy profile. A challenge presents itself for those of you who'd like to lube up your minds with the power of jiffla.

Comment or post, I don't mind. (use tag #jiffylube if you make a post though)

  1. State the number of the jiffer
  2. Give it a title (and caption/tagline if you like)
  3. Describe what the fuck is going on (be creative and fun)

Best entries get 25 POB staked directly to their fun purse.
Probably 8 winners? I don't know. Will see how interesting you guys are.














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Big update tomorrow or Thursday.

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The Siamese twins connected at the hip keep trying to break free... unsuccessfully.

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I really thought they were rugby players.

Now I'm imagining that they're joined at the thigh and they've got a funky looking ass. One giant cheek in the middle and one each on the outside.

Solid entry! Simple and effective.

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Three cheeker!

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#8 Four Vibrators in a Jiffy


Kathy's friend Consuela brought four vibrators to a party.
Since there were only three people at the party,
Consuela thought it would be fun if she gave
one vibrator to Margarita's cat, Chica.

Props to Consuela for being inclusive. We're all animals in the same kingdom.

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Pussy have rights too

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Female support at its finest. that party took a long time to finish...

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The compulsive anxiety for the aunts' distressed farewell kiss

Dona Rosália came to visit my 8 aunts who meet every Saturday to drink Yerba Mate and talk about the diseases, who's died and who is close to dying. Sometimes they talk about the weather, sometimes about the pretty phrases the priest said at mass, and occasionally they curse about their husbands or children. I watched them from the stairs, they all looked like the same person, some crocheted as they talked, others ate greasy muffins as they laughed and dropped sugar onto their full, sweaty breasts. Dona Rosália left at the end of the day and there was a great affliction to order the order of farewells, I was perplexed watching the slow and heavy movements of that human mass of aunts with fluffy and dyed hair while emitting small sounds and whispering softly a "Go with God" in Dona Rosalia's ear. As one kissed her on the cheek and hugged the others unconsciously they made the repeated movement as if it were a disturbing reflection of mirror cells (just like when we yawn). By the way, yawn!

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#3 The eloping dream

Jason is a married man dreaming of eloping with his girlfriend Martha, taking her out straight off her bed in her night pyjamas and flipflops. He could never think of affording a car even in his dreams, so he is happy with just two seats and a steering wheel. He was intrigued by Martha’s pink hair and fell in love with her fascinated by her unique way of holding the cell phone. But she is angry that he didn’t let her change.

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True love knows no bounds! I think there could be a follow up story there...

#10 What's good for the gander?

Jason makes his dreams a reality. Him and Martha drive off into the sunset in his light blue hatchback. All is perfect until Martha receives a message warning her that Jason's partner has been tracking her phone.

Parked up in a fuelling station, Jason pleads with her to ditch the device. After some heated arguing and a final glance at her notifications, Martha lobs the phone from the vehicle.

It's too late... Jason's partner has arrived and this goose isn't cooked.

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Haha, this is a meaningful extension indeed 😄. And there she is actually the same Martha. But now Jason has lost the reason to love her. She doesn’t have a cell phone to hold flat in her palm. 🤪

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Uhm, I most definitely do not think I know what the fuck is going on up there, but with the same spirit of being totally dumb and not knowing shit, I'll see how much silliness I can pick outta my hang bag, I feel like there's a lot in there


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I'll see how much silliness I can pick outta my hang bag, I feel like there's a lot in there

Perfect, I'm eagerly waiting for your entry.

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This is wonderful art and a great way to spread joy in a jiffy at #jiffylube.

My post will cum tomorrow.

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#7 let's run. That pill worked. #jiffylube

SHE took her husband to the doctor because he wants to dance but everything hurts. and HE came out of the doctor's office yelled:

Come on ... the doctor gave me a pill that took away all the pain and I even feel like I'll have an erection, and for that matter, he also gave me something called a condom, I think it's a candy.


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