Splinterlands is Big Chance for Hive

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Due to the popularity of Splinterlands In lately, the daily registration count of Hive is breaking records!

This could be a great opportunity for Hive, needs to seize this chance by taking the wind behind it.

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In this case, everyone has a big responsibility.

What should we do?

New members joining the Hive Blockchain need to understand Hive. Although they are members of Hive because of Splinterlands, they are not aware that they will earn crypto as the content creator.

  • I encourage users in the unofficial Splinterlands Turkey Telegram group to share in the Spliterlands community to fulfill my duty. Lots of new users ask me what Hive is, How They can share content, How They can make money by sharing content...

Hive-Engine trade volume went up! There are lots of new users in Hive-Engine and seeing POB, LEO, SIM token there. I am trying to explain how they can earn these tokens...

  • After encouraging new users to post on the Splinterlands community, we should promote other tribes. A great responsibility falls on @aggroed in this regard.

Encourage new users to post on the Hive Blockchain. I think @monstercrusher will help with this.

Here is an example. @radhruin is the new member of Splinterlands and started to share their content about Splinterlands and also contributed #leofinance and #proofofbrain communities.

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Splinterlands community is going up on popular list. There are lots of new users trying to understand Hive Blockchain and pick up #spt token to get airdrop point.

  • After HF25, Curation rewards calculation changed. So, You can support new users by upvoting, you wont lose any curation rewards. Hive will get new fresh dynamic users...

  • Blockchain gaming hub Hive, won't new users join other games in Hive? DCity should use this potential to get new blockchain gamers...

Don't think of new users of Splinterlands as just gamers. Most or all are familiar with cryptos. Rather than hype Hive on Twitter, we can use the potential we have!

What about you?

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it's interesting how games can help hive to get noticed by many and get exposed to new possible users

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