What would today's environment be like if we could count on Barnes's determination?

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The story goes back to the time when Thomas Alva Edison had already managed to publicize some of his inventions, had fame and was very well established at the social work level. But at the time a man named Edwin C. Barnes had a fervent desire, which was none other than to become a partner of Thomas Edison.
Barnes, had everything against, in the first place, he did not have enough studies to be taken into account within the scientific community; on the other hand, he also did not have the money, much less the necessary contacts to become an investor.
But what, if he had this wonderful person, was a burning desire that was able to set his spirit on fire and lead him to achieve his dream; such a determination that she didn't mind risking his own life.
To demonstrate this, when he saw that he did not have the money to go to New Jersey, he proceeded to board the train that would take him as a stowaway; however, he managed to reach his destination safely. Although when he arrived in the city he seemed destitute.
Upon arriving at Edison's office, he asked to see the inventor; and he raised his dream to her. Edison may very well have rejected it; but instead he agreed to give the tramp in front of him a chance; But it was the gleam in Barnes's eyes, that look that made Edison agree to hire Barnes.

Don't lose focus and your goal

Perhaps Barnes's dream didn't happen instantly; since, Edison only hired him at the beginning as a sweeper, but just like any sniper; Barnes knew that he should just wait for the right moment to proceed and thus achieve his dream.
Two years passed and then Edison unveiled his invention called the Edifono, which was nothing more than a dictation machine. Many of Edison's investors immediately rejected the idea. But Edison had faith in her; And that was the moment when Barnes saw his big break
When everyone had already rejected Edison, this friend reached out to him and proposed that he could commercialize this machine, and in this way they would become partners. Edison with nothing to lose and driven by the faith he had in Barnes' determination from the first day they met, proceeded to accept the deal.

And it was like this, as a simple idea of a great inventor, together with the determination of a dreamer, they managed to finalize a distribution contract of more than 30 years, which, obviously, translated into profits never before thought by Barnes, who had come before Edison as a tramp who stowed away on a train for which he did not have full fare.
In short, this has been a very influential character, even Napoleon Hill himself has made reference to this in his book "Think and get rich."

Here is something of value to save

This particular story is one of my favorites because it projects an idea into a man's mind. The mind of a human being can generate 60 thoughts a day but only one thought is enough to become a millionaire and this is what Edwin C. Barnes did.
Of all the thoughts of him he chose that as feasible and he did not care how to get there or how he was going to do it. It is enough just to arrive and stand in front of Edison shots. These are stories that deserve to be an example of life and take them as a horizon when making decisions.
Look at the case of another character like Walt Disney, he was a visionary and had many ideas in his mind so much so that in his first job in a Kansas City newspaper as a cartoonist where he made small sketches of his art he was fired for lack of creativity .
The surprising thing about this story is that years later this man with his empire formed and with great profits decides to go after the owner of the period where he was fired. Just to buy and that's how he acquired the ABC television company.
What I wish you could visualize is that both Edwin C. Barnes and Walt Disney had no money at the time his thoughts came to him. But if they had the ability to move to the next level, which was to be a millionaire.

Let's go back to the story

Now coming back to Edwin C. Barnes, this inspiring character waited for the perfect moment to be able to do the business of his life. I just need a single shot to be able to hit the best home run and get it off the field.
He became an excellent salesperson with word of mouth since he knew that what he was offering was from Thomas Edison, without having experience in selling he was able to draw his own light as a salesperson, thus achieving successful sales that no other person had done and That is how, on his own merit, he became an editing partner.
With this we want to motivate you that it does not matter how big or small the dream you have in your hands and if you join with perseverance, more courage can come to materialize it very soon in your life.
Edwin C. Barnes made the best investment to take a chance to get what he wants. If we keep looking or scrutinizing his history, we may find scenarios where things were not easy for this brilliant character. Perhaps there were very strong complications, but he never abandoned his dream.
Take this as the best advice of your life do not give up something that you feel you are going to be successful, just invest in time, study, motivate yourself, but do something so that you can feel that vibration of the road to success to become a millionaire.
Being a millionaire is not bad, it is not an impossible dream, you just have to learn to deprogram that conditioned mind to program it to a millionaire mind, just as Thomas Alva Édison did. Just one idea leads you to being a good salesperson and a millionaire partner.

What can I say about what I learned

I suggest and challenge you to dare to make these changes in your life so that you can mark that powerful destiny for yourself, just like this tenacious character Edwin C. Barnes did, it is an inspiring story that happened in real life and if they could you can achieve it, over there they say the sky is the limit, but you can cross the skies.

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A facinating story but the pronoun mistakes left me confused at first.

Yes, excuse me, friend, I still don't have a perfect command of English and I must help myself with the translator! soon I hope to perfect the way that it is understood much better!

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