When pointillism meets watercolor & ink

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In this drawing I have used the finest watercolors known on the market: Daniel Smith. Appreciated worldwide, they provide you with the best pigment. Although they are expensive, there is nothing on the market for painters just as these colors. Combined with the Arches paper , they are perfect for any artist.


I have listed this artwork for sale on @nftshowroom as #cryptoart


"The eye bird" is an abstract painting. The eye is used as a metaphor for perspective while the bird represents the idea of freedom. We create our reality through our thoughts.


Our thoughts create our actions. What we call reality, regardless if it is bad or good, is the consequence of how we think and behave.


True freedom comes from seeing reality as it is.


We are often tempted to beautify people and situations, when we should instead open our eyes and see people for what they truly are, even if we might not like what we see.


Freedom should be a natural state of mind, just like a bird is naturally drawn to fly without thinking. The illusion that we have a good perception of reality is the first sign that we should do more inner work and reevaluate our thoughts.


When we are too sure that we are right, we are usually wrong.


We can all be free and fly once we open our eyes.


I have also made a short presentation video for this drawing❤️

A couple of phone photos taken during the process

proces (2).jpg

proces (4).jpg

proces (3).jpg

Drops of water mixed with black indian ink
proces (5).jpg

proces (6).jpg

proces (1).jpg

Have a gorgeous day and toodle loo!


Damn! That's an epic combo! Nice idea there, hope to see more like this!

Are you btw NFT'ing some of your artworks?

Thanks 😁😀 It just came out of the blue, I wanted to see how it feels like to combine multiple techniques.
Acid you've just read my mind. Soon after posting I remembered I forgot to mint this on nftshowroom. I will do it tonight. I knew I forgot something😅 I tried rarible and other platforms but the fees killed my buzz quite fast lol. Nft seems a good spot to start on as I minted some stuff there. I will put an alarm to remember about minting this 2night on my phone⏰😂😂

Awesome work! Inspired me to try out some watercolor paints again soon as well. Not that I'm anywhere near as good as the stuff you create, but I love doing it as well. This one is super cool and I'd say experiment of mixed media turned out fine!

Hey! Thank you very much! I am so pleased that this inspired you to try out watercolor painting. It will relax you so much! For me it has been of great help in moments of stress and anxiety. There is something soothing and magical in watching water and color recreate the images from your imagination. It doesn't has to be perfect, it has to be just you!

Well spoken, it's so true, it doesn't have to be perfect but indeed something that feels right for the creator.. Thanks for your comment, and don't forget to mint that piece! It's great!

Yes, if it feels right in your heart then the rest it really doesn't matter.

I just minted it as I have put it on @nftshowroom. I am new with the whole nft stuff, slowly learning


I appreciate details and the effort that goes into it so I had to stop by and compliment your work. This is beautiful, the colors, textures, and different techniques you used all worked so well together. You are a talented artist and I enjoyed :)

Hello! Thanks so much! I really appreciate your lovely words, it is indeed the best feeling to have your art seen and appreciated by people, thanks for stopping by😁🌹

You're welcome. It was a pleasure. 😉👌🏽

That's beautiful... I had to do a double-take; but I see you put in the finest of the dots with pen. Nice work!

Hey! Thank you! I am very detail oriented so I dare anyone to show me a place without dots on this artwork lol. I channel my perfectionist energies into my art and it does wonders. Thanks for noticing the details😁

Nice work you did well. It's true about all you said sometimes we tend to be at the right side whereas we are at the wrong side

Thank you a lot! Well it is always a matter of perspective. With the passing of time one can become wiser and analyse the past and see what can be learned from it. We are emotional creatures and way too often we call a decision what should be named instead an impulse. Consequences unravel and we call it destiny instead of assuming responsibility for our thinking and behaving. I believe, in my humble opinion, that assessing reality and calling real what seems real is the biggest challenge for the human mind. In fact, I could sum it up as being the epitome of our existence: to understand why we exist and we. we make choices. And ony through seeing a different reality we can make different choices. It is quite interesting to observe myself and others in what I call reality and fair. There is no black and white and the many shades of grey can make life complicated if the perspective is shady

Yeah. That's just the real truth about it. You are always welcome buddy

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The colour selection is great

Thank you so much!

This is super cool

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Thank you a lot!


Thank you! Cheers!

Pretty! Thanks for sharing.

Hey! Thank you, I am glad that you liked this!

Wow! What a great work 🥰. The colours are just out of the world 😮.

Hello! Thanks lovely! I loved the color combination too, blue and green are amongst my favourites!


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Hello! Thank you!

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I like the details and the colors, this technique requires a lot of patience! Congratulations and keep it up !

Thank you! Cheers!

lovely work.

Hello! Thank you very much!

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wao hello, I am a cartoonist and I am new to the community soon I will upload my excellent art you paint very beautiful, I congratulate you, you have my beautiful girl boto.

wao hello, I am a cartoonist and I am new to the community soon I will upload my excellent art you paint very beautiful, I congratulate you, you have my beautiful girl boto.