Brain Degeneration and Preventive Measures

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How do you feel when you discover an adult talking or acting like a child? How do you feel when someone is been marginalized due to his/her disability? How do you feel meeting a drug addict or an alcoholics? Of course, you'll definitely feel bad. To be candid, all these are health and neurological issues caused by a type of brain disorder or the other, resulting to brain degeneration.



Our brain is the Lamb holder of our body that carries the information pertaining to our life existence. An individual with no brain is as good as dead. Imagine how unbearable life would have been for someone with a brain impairment. In such an individual, proper nervous coordination would be compromised. while neurotransmitters in such brain will definitely find hard time maintaining proper cell signalling within the split of seconds, and life for such a person, will be more like a total threat.

There are diverse forms of disabilities of the brain cells which maybe hereditary or self-induced, temporary or permanent. But the common form of brain disabilities are those that are self-induced due to one kind of lifestyle or the other that seems to be unpleasant like drug abuse, alcoholism, sedentary lifestyles, obesity etc, some of these lifestyles may result in a temporary or permanent disability which might be life-threatening as well. So it's apparent you ensure your mind is properly cared for as your life because the brain controls the mind, while your mind controls your life in totality.

Below are ways to prevent brain degeneration.

1. Maintaining a constant daily exercise



We keep ourselves fit through daily aerobic exercises. Exercise is said to promote the moment and flow of oxygenated blood to our brain cells through the carotid arteries. The more blood transports oxygen to your brain the more the brain cells becomes alive and the more smarter, intelligent and energetic you'll be. Besides, studies has shown that constant exercise is capable of making you smarter and prevent brain degeneration as you age.

2. Say "No" to hard drugs



Hard drugs likes cocaine, heroine, barbiturates, amphitamines etc are potential brain destroyers. These drugs are very addictive and are used by some individuals (some teens and adults) for different purposes ranging from pleasures, to fit it the peer group circle, to experiment, for better performance and to feel great. In whatever way it is, it's advisable to desist from taking hard drugs because of its high amount of caffeine which may lead to over enhancement of the brain cells resulting in brain celss abnormalities such as dementia, insanity and possibly death in extreme cases.

3. Socialize and make new friends



Good socialization brings about intelligent conversations, healthy self-esteem and promote your #proofofbrain worth. Studies show that people who socialize more are at lower risk of contracting dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Morealso, improved social interaction is of great benefit to your brain and as well, engaging in social functions or responsibility is a great boost too.

4. Learn New things



The more you learn, the more productive you are and the more the boost to your brain cells. No knowledge is a waste. Learning new skills develops your brain to build more nerves. Engage in chess games, puzzles, read more books to build your reading skills, make more research and have a great lifestyle.

5. Have a healthy brain diet



Never stop the habit of adding fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. Avoid meals rich in saturated trans-fat, add chocolate to your diet. Avoid heavy meals at all time especially at late night and early morning. Constantly hydrate yourself daily at intervals and avoid artificial sweeteners. Take more of natural fruit juice than synthetic ones. Take meals moderate in potassium and rich in iron and zinc to boost your brain cells and prevent degeneration.

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