Casualty due to causality

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"No consequences" is the biggest unacknowledged oxymoron. Every dumb decision we make has an effect, but it's cause lies deeper in our psyche.

To explore the cause and effect relationship, I decided to create comics.

Charles Darwin was a great proponent of causality. The power of genes and the stupidity in their pockets was termed under a more sophisticated term - Natural Selection.


Many of the things we experience now are due to the events of our childhood. A seemingly silly incident could make or break you for life.


Karma is not a bitch but a manifestation of our energy. It is caused by our own actions. So, stop blaming it and start embracing it.


The comics were created using my poor drawing skills, a bit of AI magic and editing using canva.

This is my entry to the WOTW contest. Do check it out here

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Hmmmm that's the reality of life , whatever we do today will surely speak for us in the future, which is why we must be careful in dealing with things or carrying out any duty assigned to us. Karma is real, nothing last forever.
Let us be guided and conscious of our ways.

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Every dumb decision we make has an effect...

That's just the principle of life - cause and effect!

I kinda like the way your portrayed it with comics and meme. Adds humor to your entry! 😂

Thanks! I'm trying to be more visual in blogs.

Exactly my point in my own entry, we can still control how tomorrow would be through the paths we take today.

They say the best way to predict the future is to make it.

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True dat!

Karma is not a bitch but a manifestation of our energy. It is caused by our own actions. So, stop blaming it and start embracing it

Karma as been a good way of rewarding bad deed over the years. "The casualty" is a fantastic topic which i love. what made @calumam to think and give this topic is what i am yet to know.

The truth is, no matter what we do there is always a law of casualty backing that action up.

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True, and as for Cal, he just likes to think up words to torment us. They are all thought provoking.

Some are into foreplay and you are into word play @diebitch.

I don't mean to cause you any harm.

There is no way we can think of casualties casually but your drawings do make sense.

The past comes back to haunt us for those casual actions the future brings a casualty at present. I have to look at this comically or I too fall into depression.

After reading the only conclusion one can draw is to upvote your post for curation rewards.

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I feel much better now. You do know I'm third generation Italian ^^

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I like the last comics the more

Ladies complain about the kind of guys they are getting and guys do the same about the ladies they are getting, but, none of them sits back and reconsider if there are only attracting such people because of the kind of energy that they exude

Nice comics, and, yes, we need to start embracing karma, instead of blaming her.

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Your satire and sarcasm is top-notch. You keep bringing it.

We're victims of our own choices.

There's no better way to put it.

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