Original crypto puns: Ether like them or not

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Hi've decided to quit my day job and open a speculative startup elon. The idea is to sell puns as NFTs. The puns range from some dodgey ones to some provide high satishfaction.

  • Did you hear about the trader who wanted an 8x return on btc and invested in bytecoin?

  • The people were annoyed with the developer's single minded approach to blockchain, he didn't give a fork.

  • Heard about the trader who left stocks for crypto to DeFi his boss?

  • Heard about the german numismatist who was happy about the price of alt coins rising?

  • Heard about the guy who never bought crypto? He's mining his own business

  • The state government was tired of explaining rumours on budget allocation, so they gave a statement to the reporters - The centre lies

All puns are original, ask anyone on my block, they'll be my witness.


Lol!! these are hilarious 😂

He didn't give a fork...

Lol, that was funny!

This has legs. Full support.

We need a Proof Of Brain-inspired one. Let me see if I can give you some material to work with...

  • People trying to use their brain to prove that they have one
  • Proof Of Bum/Basement
  • Fruit and vegetables

I'm all out of inspiration. Those sprung to mind.

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I'll try POB next!

I did a POB inspired one :)