Never appear too perfect; it puts you in the wrong net. Sounds Outrageous right?

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It takes great talent and skill to conceal one’s talent and skill. La Rochefoucauld, 1616-1618

Do you remember when you had a beautiful thing happen to you, and you didn’t want to be happy because you felt it will be taken from you?

It felt too good to be true. In your heart, you did not think you deserved it. You wondered if the reward came as a result of something you did in the past.

You might have had lots of bad things happening to you at that time. And you resign to your fate, accepting that bad thing always happen to you.

So when a good thing finally happened, you held yourself back from celebrating. You were overjoyed. No matter how much you tried to conceal it, your face betrayed you.

You were always beaming with joy, and you wanted to share it with the next person. You could not because you were afraid he might get angry or jealous, and spoil the whole thing for you.

Well, you were right. No matter how much you itch to share with the next person, envy may ensue, and envy creates silent enemies.

You know it may sound outrageous to you that you cannot share a good testimony with a friend, but you ought to weigh your options before you do.

You need to learn to deflect envy if you want to hold onto your piece of the pie that life awards you much longer.

The individual you tell may seem happy outwardly, but inwardly, he is seething with jealousy. The possibility of someone brooding negatively over your success is inevitable.

Listen up! Envy could be described as a mental illness for most people, but it is simply a satisfaction one has for another person’s failure. Especially, if that person is constantly falling in the areas you are succeeding.

Their envy grows as you continue to succeed, and they will find ways to make you equal to them. Their sense of proportion feels the equality has to come from you failing as well or probably, they take your spotlight.

Why would anyone not be happy for another person’s success? The answer! Even the mere fact that you are happy for someone is outrageous.

I mean, wouldn’t you want to be in his shoes? Would you not want to share the spotlight or take all the glory? Answer genuinely.

Once success knocks on your door, you should start being afraid of the circle of friends, and, acquaintances, that you will be leaving behind. That is because the realization that you are succeeding heightens their feelings of stagnation and inferiority.

Never underestimate the power of envy, learn to deflect it, by purposefully revealing a weakness, dampening your brilliance, accepting light defeats, etc. You can also attribute your sudden success to luck or find new friends.

Stop flaunting your wealth around…..this advice is outrageous, right? Of course, it is.

If I had said this to your face, you are likely to respond in this manner. Do you know how much it cost me to reach this point? Why should I not flaunt it? Please, let me show off, I had suffered long enough.

You are right, you did have to work so hard to get here, but stay in the background, keep a low profile, work behind the scenes to gain control. I am not asking you to suffocate your greatness, no. Instead, play with your appearances.

Conceal the degree of your wealth and influence, make others seem to shine brightly than you. It is foolish or even outrageous to think that by flaunting your qualities, you are getting admiration.

What you are stirring up is unhappy admiration because you are making people aware of their inferior position. As humans, we have a hard time dealing with anyone who deflates our ego.

We are often disturbed, and ill at ease at the face of any skill, talent, or power that is superior to ours. As this image continue in our minds, it begins to stir up ugly emotions. We begin to wish we had those skills or qualities of the other human.

We think it will make us happy if we did, soon, we discover that feeling envious does not bring us any close or equal to that. We make sure we are not caught feeling envious because society frowns upon it. And even if we did get caught, it will only mean we are accepting our position of inferiority complex.

Envy is found among us but we tend to place it underground, we disguise them by feigning happiness for the person in his presence. Behind him, we criticize him to make ourselves feel better. We tell ourselves that they are only better because they cheat the system or have no conscience.

Look up! What is the title of this writing again? Yes! You got it right!

As cryptocurrency has evolved from among us, and you have found POB and other tokens on HIVE worthy of your investments. Soon, the fruits come, and your desires will be fulfilled.

You remember you wanted to travel the world. You wanted to give your family the best life. You wanted to be happy with your money. Yes, once the token is ripe, you will amass a lot of wealth.

You will reach the status quo you have always wanted here on HIVE and outside here. From this point, trying to cover your prosperity will be of no use. That is because the system is transparent, and outside here, your spending habit will definitely change.

Behold! Wealth and prosperity have a way of announcing themselves.

So, how do you keep this low, so you don’t get caught in the wrong net?

Well, it is outrageous to not flaunt your wealth because the celebrities are doing it. You can do it, but first, learn to curb envy.

To do this, you must understand three things.


Understand that no matter how good you are, there will always be people who are better than you.

Instead of feeling ill at ease or envious of them (in a negative way), stream your envy to the positive zone; by pushing yourself to surpass them someday.

Once you expel envy outward, it will move you to greater heights but if you bottle it inward, it will poison your soul.


Understand that once your status quo changes, those below you will feel envious. It is inevitable whether they show it or not. Do not keep a blind eye to it because it is maybe too late to change anything.

Watch their criticisms, remarks, excessive praise, or even signs of backstabbing closely.


Do not be taken off-balance, expect that people will begin to work against you if they envy you. They will try to put obstacles in your way that you cannot see or trace to them.

Trying to deny it, by giving excuses, forming humility, or being defensive will only worsen the situation.

Therefore, it is easy to avoid creating envy than to stop or reduce it. Do not let it grow.

Do not try to help those who envy you. It will only increase their inferiority and envy.

The solution is to flee their presence, they will be nothing they can do since they do not have any dealings with you. They will be trapped in their envy while you work away with your freedom.

Yes. It is outrageous to not boast of your wealth and good qualities, but watch out, the nets are hanging everywhere, ready to trap you.

Stay rich and be safe.

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Is a great thing to know the world u are into....a smile beside you is not a sign of love...only God can help is this wicked world

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That is true @abbey877, you may not really know if their smile is genuine. Only the Almighty can help us. Thank you for coming around, dear

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Sharing is a way to calm down others from envy. When we are successful in a business, it is better to share happiness with our circle of friends. If possible, we can give tips on how to achieve the position. With this deed, we can minimize the effect of feeling envy from others.

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That is true @lebah. We could share successful business tips among our friends, but you cannot make it look as though you are taking pity on them. It will make them bitter instead. one needs to learn to strategically help his friends without breeding envy in the process.

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Learning never stops is one of the famous words I grew up with,which means in all ways of life acting to be perfect type leads to lot of mistake and error,that is why it is good to learn more than trying to teach and it is good to be calm and listen to others than trying to always eggarring to prove a point

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This is what life is about...Learning

Anyone who stops learning is already dying a psychological death because he will be lacking behind in almost everything

Thank you for your contribution @pthker2010

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Are you reading my mind? I have to give great thanks for this read, it was highly reflective and just what I needed to read first this morning.

Packed with wisdom and insight.

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Are you reading my mind?

Maybe, I was.......smiles

I have to give great thanks for this read, it was highly reflective and just what I needed to read first this morning.

You are welcome, sir.

Packed with wisdom and insight.

Thank you very much

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Such a grate post @edystringz! Thanks for share that! These are certainly very common situations when we are growing and changing status, but this is present in any social layer, in fact. And your tips to prevent these behaviors from taking space in our minds were very assertive. I believe I can handle this relationship well, at least for now.

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I appreciate that you have this useful, and I am happy you have decided to implement it as well. Thank you

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