What has discord done for you?

The first time I heard about discord was on a writing platform called Uptrennd.

The Chancellor of the University called Uptrennd University had introduced the app to her students. According to the rumors, her students attended meetings, get their assignments, and submit them through discord.

They had an amazing time together, building the University and trying to build the platform so that investors will see it as a wonderful project and opt-in.

I didn't know what went on around there and I wasn't curious either because I remembered the first time someone asked me to join discord, I couldn't navigate my way around it

Then the Chancellor introduced a contest. I wanted to join because it was an opportunity to learn and earn rewards at the same time. The Contest centered upon her students finding someone they named, 'racer'. Her students were called 'coaches'.

The rules were simple, the coach will find a racer. They will train their racers in quality writings, designs, formatting, engagements, etc.

I was on my own, trying to decide who I should ask to be my coach, but fate made it possible for me to think less by sending Safari to my DM one evening. He asked me to be his racer.

I became a racer, and learned to use discord

I couldn't believe it, I didn't even think I was worthy to be running alongside him in that race. He chose me. I felt very happy and honored at the same time.

So when the first week of the contest started and we were asked to introduce our coaches as racers, I gave him an introduction that blew his mind away (I know how to seduce, with my ink 😉)

He was so elated, he ran to my inbox and poured out his appreciation. The fact that he was thrilled by my entry gave me enough confidence for the race.

Initially, I didn't always write daily, and I told him but he kept saying he believed in me. His belief made me try as hard as I could to write every day (this was required of us by the rules of the contest)

Every day, he will poke me by saying, "you said you didn't know how to write, and what to write about, where are all these beautiful writings coming from?". He had to place a call through and we talked for hours.

The feeling was amazing. I can't stop smiling as I am writing this.

I don't know if it was part of the drill for coaches to appreciate their racers, because that was exactly what he did to me, and his magic worked. I had to look into myself and churn out articles daily. I wish the platform didn't go away, I would have shared links with you.

I am not angry because I had dropped some of those writing on my Facebook page.

This was a time in my life when I was going through a lousy breakup(I call it lousy, because the reason for the breakup made no sense to a normal human being, or maybe, my Ex and I weren't normal) but that contest took my heart away from feeling any sort of pain.

Instead, I channelled every pain into writing, and my friends on Facebook were wow because they couldn't imagine I am writing beautifully during a period I was supposed to be heartbroken.

Even though we didn't win that contest, the lessons I gained was worth every minute spent on my computer, trying to make sure I submit all of my assignments and entries.

It was during this period that I met Mfoniso, and he called me a nocturnal creature because I was always online at night. What he did not know was that our electrical power was usually supplied in the night. This affected my efforts in the contest as well, but I didn't Mind, I kept pushing.

Why I'm I telling you this story? I want you to know how I first started using the App, discord.

It was because of this contest. It wasn't easy navigating the app and I complained to my coach, but he kept encouraging me to try.

I couldn't join most of the meetings organized by the Chancellor in respect to the contest because, by the time I am done fighting with my computer, the meeting will be over.

Most times, we didn't have Power supply during the scheduled time, and my computer battery only lasts for 30 minutes if not plugged in. I didn't have a good phone then, only my PC, and I tried to make do with what I had and do the best that I can with it

It was these and more obstacles that made us not be part of the winners. Those who won deserved the price because they gave their best as well.

Right now, writing this story, I am reminded of my Coach, and I will have to chat him up and ask why he isn't on Hive. Some of us were introduced to Hive after Uptrennd ownership was transferred to a different agency.

Then, finding Hive was a form of consolation price, but now, I can say with all amount of gratitude, that Hive was Godsent instead of a consolation price.

I'm I able to use discord now? The answer is no. I can send messages and respond but navigating through is still difficult.

The word of the week has made me do a Google search on discord. And I have learned a lot of things

I found out discord was created for gamers because they wanted something they could converse about while playing desktop games.

Yes, I remember, there was this group that used discord to play games and earn 1UP(Uptrennd token). I was invited to join but because of the reasons I gave above, I couldn't.

Discord was used for tipping too. I think we even had to use discord to link a certain app called CCtip bot where users claim rewards daily and invite friends to do the same.

Using discord was beneficial to a lot of my friends then, and it is still beneficial to people around the world as we speak. Discord doesn't love me, lol(just kidding)

I remember recently, I joined the POB discord group and @nevies, said, "see who is finally here" and I told him, "discord isn't my thing" I am not lying. Discord isn't my thing.

I have tried using discord for Gina bot too. With the right settings, I have access to posts people drop on Hive every day using the tags that I set.

Gina is a lovely bot, she goes around and fetches those posts and sends them to me. I used Gina well when I was interacting on Hive with my laptop, but after I got a new phone (thanks to hive and POB) I stopped because I could navigate Hive more without stress.

Gina still sends me those messages though, but, I don't see them because I had locked my discord from giving me notifications. I only see them when I decide to go to discord and find out what is happening.

There are bots and messages on my posts asking me to join their discord groups, I will always promise to be there, I do join them, but do not interact. I see a lot of people interact speedily and I envy them.

Through my Google research, I have learned also that people use discord to create their communities. This isn't far farfetched because we have seen that all the projects on hive do have a discord channel and communities where information is passed on every day.

I was opportune to be among those testing the Dreemport project and we used discord for all our meetings. With these meetings, I learned to use the microphones on discord and listen to our coach talk about the project.

We(the testers) are very funny human beings because we are always making noise on the general chat while she is talking. And she is fun too because she reads her discussion and laughs over them in her microphone and we respond with laughing emojis, stickers, and gifs.

The little exposure I have had with discord is enjoyable. I am sure other users find discord worthy of their time too.

There are lots of things I can do with discord, I just have to put my head down, and do it.

For the fact that it is the word of the week, I promise to use discord more and learn to use it to my benefit.

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What a read!! Hahaha
Discord was indeed strange to me too at first but on the long run I got myself familiar with it and now I can say it like a home to me
Why take me back down the memory lane again. I don’t want to remember muscly of the old time because I just don’t know how it came and ended so fast
I have been trying to make my way here in hive too. And I think with time I should be a pro writer like you.

Keep it up. Nice entry for the contest.

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Thats a really unique way of using discord. My first experiences with it was on Hive and I didnt like it at first due to being just another chat app.

Kind of reminded me of mIRC back in the days which was an early internet chat site. But it has grown on me and I've made some good friends.

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You write beautifully well, I must admit. And yea, many things go down on discord, especially if you are on the hive blockchain.

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I remember the first time you commented on my post, on Uptrennd, I remember the post, I can even rewrite it. There's something I won't tell you. Lol

I remember both of us being alone in the whole platform while everyone were asleep. I still call my nocturnal friend. Lol

I had to make those three post and five comments that was the rule of the contest between between 6pm and 5am.

Sleep was never an option. Lol

Tiger trend was also my first experience on discord.

This is bringing all the good memories.

The tippings from cctip, and others.

But I now navigate discord well, unlike before. And someone made me to fall in love with it even more.

Talking of POB discord, send me link please.

This came quite early and it's a good one.


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